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    Just a heads up about an app for playbook that is apparently designed to be used as an additional flatbox type fill light for photographers - when just a little more light is needed. The output of Playbook is not really much for this, but I have just discovered another use - as a lightbox for slides or film. It works! Not as bright as some light boxes, but with the brightness cranked up all the way - not bad in a pinch!

    The color balance can even be adjusted by use of sliders. Coll little app - even if only for using Playbook as a flashlight.

    Its called Film Bounce Light or "Film Light"

    Now that all the photographers are gathered here - DO NOT MISS the app called "SLR" - it helps you to visualize in 3D, the effect of your studio lighting setups on your subject - before you even set them up!

    At least it does in theory - I am still trying to learn exactly how to move the lights around - its a bit tricky.

    Any tips on using this would be helpful as it is not very self descriptive...
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    Oops meant that for the apps section but oh well...doesn't hurt here. Mod move?
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    good job and thanks i am sure alot of people will appreciate i would have 2 years ago
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    Oh, what a good idea! That's a nice one.
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