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    It seems the Playbook is due out via VZW "soon" based on the newly leaked image of the VZW inventory system.

    So, what should we expect it to be?

    RIM has just announced that a Playbook 4G/LTE is going into the carrier testing lab in the fall, so it's clearly many months away from release at best.

    So, what should we expect this upcoming Playbook from VZW to be?

    Will it be the same generic WiFi-only unit that Best Buy and Office Depot currently carries, that uses Bridge to utilize your BB phone for your BES? The same version of hardware that exists now?

    Or could it be something newer? Possibly VZW-data-capable? I would think not, since we would have probably heard something from RIM on that by now. But any unannounced surprise is possible when VZW is involved.

    I was about to go buy a Playbook and now I'm not sure if there's any point in waiting for the VZW-offered Playbook.

    I'd sure appreciate any thoughts that might potentially be useful.

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