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    I happen to have same router (DIR-615 e3). We have two laptops (n and g), the playbook and a wireless printer connected wirelessly. At times when kids visit, we have other devices like smartphones, another PB and several laptops connected to same network.

    So, no you don't have to go buy another router! (If you have an earlier version DIR-615 than mine things may be different. If so, maybe try dd-wrt first)

    I have found that Playbook seems to be limited to 65Mbps (using original or DD-wrt firmware) Apparently many mobile devices are same.

    What I would suggest, is
    - Set the router security to WPA2 Personal AES (not tkip). (With TKIP, I found all devices operated at G speed.)
    - Set the mode to g + n (not just n).
    - Try a fixed less used channel if in busy area (I am currently using ch7)
    - Set channel width to auto20/40. (if on g+n) (20Mz is OK if just using g/b)
    - Check DHCP server settings have not been changed - should show range of>190

    If you change security, you will need to reset the router and change the security login on each device to match.
    Just in case there are some settings that are not standard, it might be worthwhile resetting to factory and start from fresh.

    As of yesterday, I changed DIR-615 e3 firmware to DD-WRT. But really that was not necessary for network to handle devices. Just messing around! But if you decide to try that I have recent first hand experience and can help!
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    I have a DLink DIR-645 router and wireless access point which works flawlessly with multiple BlackBerrytablets, BlackBerry smartphones, Acer notebooks, and Hewlett-Packard Multi-Function Printer all connected via WiFi, a Samsung networked printer via DLink DHP-306AV, and even the self-built white-box servers connected via DLink DHP-306AV and DHP-346AV.
    01-02-13 12:30 PM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    When I got my first win7 lappy I had to get a new router as it just wouldn't work with the old one I had.
    01-02-13 12:38 PM
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    I upgraded my router to the Netgear R6300 ($200 at the time I bought it a few months back) and it eliminated all the issues that I had with bandwidth and signal strength with my PlayBook and multiple other devices in my apartment. I also upgraded my internet speed to 50down/ 8up which lends itself to a higher amount of traffic without choking. At the moment we have 4 devices plugged into the wired ports (PC,Xbox,PS3 and my nephews Xbox). wirelessly We use the PlayBook, my daughters Kurio7, my girlfriends laptop and my cousin taps into my wifi from her apartment. I also set the 5ghz bandwitdth to be exclusively for my PlayBook. All other devices use up the 2.4ghz and the wired. It is rare for all the devices to be powered on at once. But, we use them freely (as needed) and I barely ever experience any slow-downs when I watch HD Youtube videos on my PB.
    01-02-13 05:08 PM
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    Thanks for the replies so far! It's always nice to see what others have tried. I've reset the router countless times now. Even did a complete set up of the network all over again. I don't really want to drop down to G but if that is the only way it will work for now then so be it. I'm not very dependent on the speed anyway right now. Just very frustrating that I can't get everything working as it should. I've read on the net that there have been all kinds of issues with wifi with the latest OS release but I'm persistent and refuse to believe that I can't connect my PlayBooks!!!! I will keep trying things until my router decides to roll over and die!
    If you decide to "Up-Router" I heartily recommend a NetGear WNDR4500. Handles both 2.4 and 5G easily. Got it mainly to run the two PB on 5G since we have a few close neighbors that stay on 2.4. I always assign static IP's to all my units, computers, PB, NAS and phones. Seems to work very well. BTW, PBs also work well in 2.4 b/g/n if you are wondering. No dropped WiFi using AT&T and Time Warner cable. Don't take this as bragging please, just pointing out that it is possible to have success.

    Good Luck and Happy New Year!
    01-02-13 05:40 PM
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    These things happen with older tech at times do what I do and buy the biggest most powerful item you can and you rarely have problems. This system works for everything from cars to health insurance buy the biggest they got and all will be good again.
    01-03-13 05:05 AM
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