1. TOphotog's Avatar
    Has anyone bluetoothed the PB keyboard with their Torch successfully? The keyboard connects with the PB but I can't get it to connect to the Torch. Both put into pairing mode, phone doesn't find the keyboard even though it has found earpieces and all my PBs successfully. Is it only for connecting to PB? Thanks for any help... (I have googled this situation but nothing)
    02-13-15 03:41 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    I can't speak to whether or not it will pair to a Torch, but the PB keyboard will pair to at least some devices. By coincidence, I just tried it with my Passport a few hours ago and it worked well.
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    02-13-15 05:39 PM
  3. TOphotog's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for that test drive... Maybe the Torch is older technology and isn't meant to use the keyboard. Can always use the keyboard through bridging if I have to for emails and text messages. For documents, will have to create them on the PB and then transfer them to the Torch via AirBrowser.
    If anyone else has experience of bluetoothing the BB keyboard with a Torch, I'd really like to hear. Cheers, S
    02-13-15 06:51 PM

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