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    PlayBook. I bought you the first day you were available. We've had a good run, I think. you've been - and still are - my primary entertainment device. I don't understand the bridge problems that others report. Everything I need you to do, you do - and well.

    Lack of lame apps has not been a problem cuz this you handle every website I could ask you to. So much so that I sometimes forget to go to the websites because we've been herded to the app mentality, me included. And for that reason I will never again try an iPad2 - that experiment lasted 3 weeks, and trust me, we tried to love that device.

    Despite the shorter playbook battery life, which is just showing its age, you are still fast, and far more portable and convenient all round than pulling out my laptop.

    Yep, your battery is beginning to show its age. Hell. For the use I've put it through for 2 years that's no surprise. Even now I charge you when I'm at work and I get a solid day out of you including video chats with my friend in the morning... cruising news all day, checking my forums, and reading my library book for an hour every night. Your battery still lasts longer than previous bb phones of this age that never pulled the same data demands I've put you through.

    What's next for me when the battery fails, I don't know. Since there are no promises from blackberry about a new tab, and even if there were - even being a solid BB fan - could I trust the promise... I don't know.

    Marketing dropped the ball on the playbook. They dropped the ball long before they decided on the packaging. It's a shame... But I have to face the fact that this tablet is simply old. We had our good times, but our days together are numbered and I'm struggling with that because it could have been soooooo gooood...
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    07-12-13 05:16 AM
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    I'm glad you like your PB so much, but the problems with the PB wasn't the marketing at all. It had good marketing initially and huge anticipatory buzz. It simply failed as a product - woefully - gaping flaws from the get-go, some of which were patched up, and some of which never were.

    If it suits your needs that much though, why not just pick up some used back-ups? In virtually new/unused condition they go for as little as 75$ or less in my area. If it's really what you think is best, then you're set!
    07-12-13 06:34 AM
  3. Dr_Acula's Avatar
    Actually it's Blackberry policies.
    07-12-13 07:54 AM
  4. trsbbs's Avatar
    Actually the PB marketing wasn't bad. The lack of a native email and taking over a year for the 4g model killed it.

    Using a BlackBerry Z10
    07-12-13 09:12 AM
  5. modine's Avatar
    marketing dropped the ball by over-promising. that is what i meant.
    07-12-13 12:49 PM
  6. 312Lorden's Avatar
    See my response in the thread "If you're not growing you're dying."
    07-12-13 02:50 PM

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