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    Is there anyone here using a BlackBerry Playbook successfully with an iPhone as their smartphone of choice? I know that a cool feature of the PB is the ability to bridge instantly with the BlackBerry device, but the $299 pricing of the PB is really drawing me to it...and although I have another BB 9900 coming to my doorstep any day now, I've been using an iPhone 4s and I'm not 110% that I'll come back to BlackBerry as my smartphone choice.

    Are the features & performance of the Playbook all on it's own enough to use it and be happy vs. an iPad with my iPhone...or will I be disappointed if I don't use it with a BlackBerry device?

    I am set to pull the trigger on a Playbook today...or not. I appreciate the feedback!

    Thanks for your help.
    01-09-12 08:41 AM
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    wellif youre not using the bridge functionality for memoad/calender/etc normally then it should be just fine. the 4s can function as a hotspot, so you can always be connected, and i would think the browsing speed would probably be faster without all that data compression. the only thing is additional chargez if youre using your cellular network to be online.....i dunno if they apply in your particular case or not.
    01-09-12 08:51 AM
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    Thanks, but I'm really after someone to relate to me how the performance of the Playbook is on it's own...not taking into account any bridging or tethering.

    I guess my question is:

    "Would you buy a BlackBerry Playbook if you owned an iPhone and not a BlackBerry? Why or why not?"
    01-09-12 08:57 AM
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    I'm an iPhone 4 user as well as HTC Desire. I have decided to buy PlayBook for me. I don't have any Blackberry phone currently and probably PB will be my only one device from RIM.

    Why to buy PB while not having BB phone? Because you'll not regret it - it's very, very, very good tablet for small amount money. 16GB version costs the same as iPod Touch 8GB. Am I using iPhone with PB? iPhone works for me (if necessary) as modem (tethered).

    If you'll have more questions, don't hesitate to ask.
    01-09-12 09:11 AM
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    im using iphone4s with playbook.

    i used to have bb bold 9800 until i relocated to a new country, so ive been using playbook standalone for about 6 months. stability to date has been my biggest disapointment with the pb. i miss bbm as i have a shed load of freinds round the world and whatsapp doesnt cut it. the pb was the reason i didnt get another blackberry because it made me loose complete confidence in spending money with rim. the iphone works like a dream and i have all the apps i need. the hotspot is brilliant with the pb as i have conectivity wherever i am at no extra cost, without a slow and limited bridge browser. the iphone does my native email right now, which suits my needs.

    im holding out till os2 before i ditch the pb, if they can fix the stability issues with the browser and provide some more apps and native email then i might keep it for its portability. my work ipad is also great but i like 7' form factor apart from the keyboard.

    if you want to know more let me know. but I converted from rim to ios, lifes to short to wait for rim!
    01-09-12 09:16 AM
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    I own a Blackberry Playbook with an iPhone so bridging is not possible for me. I think you need to take into account the same considerations when buying the Playbook as you would any wifi-only tablet--if you can't bridge.

    For me, I can live without the cellular option most of the time. I don't do a lot of travelling, and so I use my PB mostly at home within range of my wifi. Also, I got a Playbook with a large storage capacity so that I can view/load content like movies, books, music without having to stream it.

    Even when I do travel, I can't use cellular data on a plane anyway, and about half the time the hotel or friends place where I'm staying has wifi. Generally, if I'm on vacation I'm certainly not wasting too much time surfing the internet on a gadget --I'm trying to enjoy wherever I'm at.

    I used to date someone who lived in Boston and I'd take the bus there from NYC (a 5 hour trip). *Then* the data on the 3G iPad I used to own worked out very well and was well worth it. However, I don't have those long bus trips anymore.
    01-09-12 09:17 AM
  7. kbz1960's Avatar
    Yes I would just for the OS and UI alone. The only thing at this point in time that requires a bb to have on it is email, pim and calendar which will be rectified with new OS. I'm one that doesn't care about email etc. on it so that doesn't bother me even though I do have bridge since I do have a bb.

    Then again if netflix, skype, hulu are important to you I can't say if/when those will come if ever.
    01-09-12 09:20 AM
  8. alnamvet68's Avatar
    I use the iPhone, and if there will ever be a tether app developed for the Playbook, then tethering will be free. As far as buying a PB, well, I've already purchased 6...of course, 4 were gifted, and 2 remain with me.
    01-09-12 09:20 AM
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    Thanks, but I'm really after someone to relate to me how the performance of the Playbook is on it's own...
    Yes. I have an iPhone, and currently using a Playbook. I would like to get infrastrcture mode enabled on the iPhone at some point, but they make pretty good companions to be honest. The iPhone covers those apps that you can't get on the PB, and the PB is better for browsing, watching video's etc.
    01-09-12 09:21 AM
  10. glenixtr15's Avatar
    i have an iphone 4 and i went ahead and got a blackberry playbook instead....as a matter of fact it makes for a better choice to get a playbook than to get say an ipad since u already have the ios on your iphone. in my opinion, and anyone is welcome to contend this, the ipad is just an iphone with a bigger screen, as a matter of fact, the iphone is just the ipod except well, it functions as a phone. i dont mean this as a knock on apple products because i really like my phone too. my point is, why have two products that works pretty much the exact same way. in fact it make perfect sense to get a playbook so you can have the best of both worlds so to speak.

    ofc there is also the android platform but for the price of the playbook, you are getting more value for your money. the playbook has a very elegant UI, has the best implementation of flash (or so i heard/read) for a full featured internet experience, the BEST speakers on a tablet, amazing screen, connectivity to your HDTV (cheap cable as opposed to a 100 dollar extra hardware needed for an ipad on top of the 600+ you would have already paid), and portability (subjective).

    Software wise, however is where the playbook has had problems but at least there are plans for the future, app world is lacking but is continuously growing, native email and calendar arent included but are expected to come this february with the arrival of the new OS 2.0.

    in summation, having an iphone AND a playbook gives you 1) diversity 2) best bang for your buck (hardware wise) and 3) a very promising software future (provided rim delivers the goods) working on top of a very solid OS. Provided you have connection to the net, then the playbook is in of itself a pretty good stand alone tablet. bridge does not hamper the playbook, but quite contrary only adds extra features.

    Now off to write my actual essay
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    01-09-12 10:03 AM
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    Thanks, but I'm really after someone to relate to me how the performance of the Playbook is on it's own...not taking into account any bridging or tethering.

    I guess my question is:

    "Would you buy a BlackBerry Playbook if you owned an iPhone and not a BlackBerry? Why or why not?"
    I have the 4S, an iMac and Apple TV (all bought last year), and my Playbook is being shipped to my house today.

    Every brand has their pluses and minuses and you take the good with the bad. I like my 4S, but I do not love it. Siri is nice for setting alarms and texting in the car, but I don't use it often and it doesn't work all the time. The 4S also lags for 1-2 second on the second letter of every internet search as I'm typing something...for instance "e"-lagggggg-"s","p","n","enter." Does this happen to you as well? Sometimes when I take the 4S off the charger I have 95/96% battery as well.

    Now with the Playbook, I plan on getting that BB London phone to extend my experience with my Playbook, plus I actually love the form factor of that upcoming phone.

    And I agree with the poster above me...iPad is a bigger iPhone - so there wasn't anything "new" per se, to warrant purchasing the iPad as I have the 4S.
    01-09-12 10:05 AM
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    Thanks for the insight...and unbiased opinions. I know this is Crackberry...but to get replies from both sides of the fence with out a flame war between fanboys is rare. Kudos!

    I agree, the reason I haven't snapped up an iPad is...well, the money for one thing...and the fact that I have a hard time justifying another device with the same basic OS as is on my iPhone. I'm not an Apple fanboy...I just like cool phones and devices. The iPhone just works for me...so that's what I have at the moment.

    But, I was a longtime BB user...and in fact, the 9900 I have coming is the same one that I sold to a friend of mine in Ontario only a few weeks ago. Lol!! She knows what a flake I am when it comes to the BB/iPhone thing. I'll use it again and see if I can live with it...and if not, I'll put it on Marketplace. No big deal.

    All that said...by the end of the day today I'll have either bought a 64gb Playbook, or not. But, I'm definately leaning toward the PB.
    01-09-12 10:11 AM
  13. alnamvet68's Avatar
    I like my iPhone 4S. I also like my aging, but excellent Curve 8330. That said, I could never justify the purchase of a tablet such as the iPad at the current prices, especially since it has the same iOS as my phone, and the only real difference between them is the screen size. The PB came in at the right price, at the right time, and essentially gives me a user experience that is almost like my iPhone, but with a screen about 4 times its size.
    01-09-12 10:16 AM
  14. smithey1981's Avatar
    anyone using a iphone4 or 4s can use the internet on there phone just enable personalnwifi hotspot on the phone and will give u instant internet on ur pb.
    01-09-12 11:10 AM
  15. tekki's Avatar
    i love my ip4 and i love my playbook. i use Tetherme to get internet on my playbook while im out and about if there isnt a wifi source and it works well. Best of both worlds and i wouldnt trade either. i highly recommend.
    01-09-12 06:49 PM
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    I guess it really all depends on what you are looking for in a tablet. If at all possible, find someone who has a PB and ask them if you can play with it for a while. Once you've had a chance to see what it can do, and keeping in mind that os2 will take it to a whole new level, then you will be able to answer your own question. Also I would suggest that you take much of what is reported in the media with a grain or two of salt. IMO, most of what I have read about the PB from the critics has had little to do with fact.
    01-09-12 08:26 PM