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    I say it's time BB release a new iteration of the Playbook... with some stipulations. The following is a list of my proposals; feel free to shoot holes in it, I only ask that you be respectful.

    Initial Target audience/customers:
    The Medical/Healthcare industry. BlackBerry needs a "soft" opening for a tablet release and the Medical industry offers them just that. The need for highly secure quality moble devices in the Healtcare sector is critical from both a legal (HIPAA) and standards viewpoint. After gaining a foothold here, BB can then branch out into the consumer market.

    I propose a highly "customized" version of BlackBerry OS 10.3.0.xxxx. Why? Because this version of the their modern OS still contains a web browser that natively supports flash (I think). Whereas 10.3.1 does NOT. Yes I know flash is falling out of use but it is FAR from dead and is still in demand. The "customized" portion I would like to see is to make the UI identical to BB OS 10.2.1.xxxx. Just about all current tablets have opted for the reserved, flat User Interfaces which is par for the course. The shiny UI from the older 10.2.1.xxxx will make BlackBerry's Tablet stand out from the crowd. So the PlayBook II will be running 10.3.0 underneath but will look like 10.2.1 on the surface.

    The size of the original PlayBook was ideal, however I think the screen size could have been made larger without increasing the overall size and weight of the device. I propose an 8 inch display for the PlayBook II.

    CPU: Snapdragon 620 processor - https://www.qualcomm.com/products/sn...processors/620
    Memory: 3GB
    Storage: 64GB (no 16GB, 32GB versions EVER & no 128GB version for at least two years)
    Wi-Fi: 802.11ac + 802.11n
    Bluetooth: 4.x
    Resolution: 1080x1920
    Display: IPS/LCD Miracast support for up to 1080p wireless display
    Glass: Corning Gorilla Glass3
    Camera: 10mp-rear / 2mp-front
    3G/4G/LTE capability: None (use your cellphone Hotspot if needed)
    SIM card slot: None
    Micro SD slot: None
    Quick-Charge Support: YES!!

    I think I may be missing a few things but that is what this thread is for. Lets get this discussion started!
    02-21-15 05:49 PM
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    Really, this was hashed out a number of times back in 2013. I'm not trying to burst your bubble or be rude, but BlackBerry doesn't have the horsepower to be thinking about a tablet right now. The market is saturated with tablets at this time, from $30 Android Tablets up into the iPad series, and a host of others., including Kindle Fire, MS Surface, Lenovo, and so on.

    Their best move right now is to concentrate on getting the phones as their main focus. If they can regenerate market share there, then maybe they can consider branching out again.
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    02-21-15 09:33 PM

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