1. Jay3fer's Avatar
    Anyone else experienced this? I know the GPS is flaky, but I have several apps that were working well together, maybe for about 10 minutes.
    I was using the very simple GPS Test app (from Dandanin.net) to get a fix, then other apps would work well with the data.
    Other apps I have are GPS DataMaster, ViewRanger GPS and back when it was working, I purchased a local city map (by Andrei Popleteev).

    Anyhow, suffice to say that none of these are working now. ViewRanger GPS and the city map both use the false (stuck) information. GPS DataMaster says "Pending" and will not fill in the location.

    Did the GPS just DIE and somehow the apps think it's still working...? Is there some way to reset it? Help! I was loving this feature... :-(
    07-11-13 10:43 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    did you restart the PB yet?
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    07-11-13 10:54 AM
  3. Jay3fer's Avatar
    OK, colour me moron but I never thought of it. I guess when it takes 5 minutes to start up, shutting down is the last thing you want to do... let me try. :-D
    07-11-13 11:08 AM
  4. blucie's Avatar
    best gps app is maverick
    07-11-13 11:47 AM
  5. FF22's Avatar
    Hopefully, restarting will work. I'll ask: have you moved a great distance since last used or has it been off for days or more?

    Did you install any other new apps or new gps apps? You could try UNinstalling anything new.

    And how old? Warranty?
    07-11-13 11:59 AM
  6. Hup55's Avatar
    Is it just me or is the Cineplex app not working for anyone else either? It never finds my location? Its useless without the gps locator working?? I've tried re-booting and even re installing the app doesn't fix it.
    07-11-13 12:12 PM
  7. blucie's Avatar
    this is offline

    sat fix is fast < 5 min
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    07-11-13 04:30 PM
  8. FF22's Avatar
    this is offline

    sat fix is fast < 5 min
    Where is the bar file located? Found it on Goodereader.
    07-11-13 04:50 PM
  9. Jay3fer's Avatar
    Thanks, all! Restarting the PB got it fixed and working!!!
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    07-11-13 09:41 PM
  10. FF22's Avatar
    I wonder if there's such a thing as TOO MANY apps grabbing or vying for the attention of the gps output??? Restarting can fix a number of pb glitches even if the boot time is tedious.
    07-11-13 10:05 PM
  11. blucie's Avatar
    sideload. gps test too
    with wlan you got the newest a-gps data

    Last edited by blucie; 07-12-13 at 12:09 AM.
    07-11-13 11:57 PM
  12. FF22's Avatar
    sideload. gps test too
    with wlan you got the newest a-gps data
    Where does one find the version of gps test you are talking about?
    07-12-13 12:53 AM
  13. blucie's Avatar
    apk2bar converter
    07-12-13 03:47 AM
  14. FF22's Avatar
    sideload. gps test too
    with wlan you got the newest a-gps data
    Ah, very nice. And my infrequently used pb found the gps (upstairs, near a window) in about 3 minutes. Nice display.

    Found here:

    07-12-13 03:24 PM

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