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    So this is like Intel WiDi or Apple Airplay for tablets? My cable TV app has disabled HDMI out from my phone and android tablet. So instead of renting another HD cable box, I have been WiDi-ing from my Win 8 laptop. Or someone said it can't mirror from the device and only pull Netflix, YouTube, and Google stuff from the internet? My smart TV and BluRay player can already do that? I'm confused...
    07-25-13 06:24 PM
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    If** and when this will accept local media "casting" perhaps with something like vlc player, it will be very cool. I do fear that if this catches on like I believe it will that Google will completely screw it up with ads that want to make you throw something through the big screen tv.

    $35.00 just turned into a few hundred and a trip to Best Buy.
    Go see the indepth review that Liliputing released today on this device. It shows you can cast things from your local computer. There are videos too. It's worth a read. No mention of PlayBook but I'll send Brad an email and ask him. I think he has a PlayBook on hand. I'll see what he says.

    Google Chromecast streams internet video to your TV (Video) - Liliputing

    Update - I asked Brad and he replied:
    Attachment 185979

    He also replied:
    "Yeah, but that feature only works on a PC if you're running the Chrome web browser with the Google Cast extension installed."

    And I replied:
    Ah, so it's the extension that's needed (and or the Chrome browser). Thanks for clarifying that.

    So it looks like a Dev would somehow have to come up with a way to interface with the ChromeCast via an extension or SDK or something similar...so who knows.

    Another Update: By the way, to be thorough, I also downloaded the latest Android for Tablets .apk and converted it to .bar and sideloaded it on the PlayBook but it forced closed (said something about the keyboard crapping out). So that's not going to be a workable solution at this time.

    FYI, Wi-Fi sharing method from the PlayBook: http://btsc.webapps.blackberry.com/b...ListHelperImpl
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    07-25-13 06:35 PM
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    App support seems to be growing quickly

    08-01-13 03:27 PM
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