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    When trying to download android apps from Google play i keep getting this message on my playbook

    There's no android phone associated with this account

    I log in with Gmail account
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    Are you rooted?

    If ur not, you only can sideload .bars into the PB, not APKs...

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    Ah.. You do *not* have an Android device. You can not install android apps directly from Google Play.

    You do have an Android app player. You can only install android apps from BB Appworld or install "converted" apps using a process called "side-loading". There is a side-loading specific forum for you if you wish to pursue this further.

    You can find it here:

    08-30-12 02:25 PM
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    "Normal" android files have the ".apk" format, and the PB ones are ".bar".

    You can't install apks directly on the PB - You have to convert them to .bar(search "apk2bar" on google - Theres a site that does that for you), and install them using a program. That is called "Sideloading".

    As the prev user said, you can check all about that in the link he posted.

    Rooting is like Jailbreak for iOS, but for what i know, it's not possible on these new PB OS's. But then again, there's a whole subforum dedicated to Rooting that you can check.

    Hope i helped

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