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    I hope I am not repeating anything that has already been covered, I couldnt find the exact answer I was looking for in the suggested threads...

    I have recently picked up a playbook and so far I really like it, still on the fence with some things when compared to my samsung tab, but very well made overall...

    Id like to know if I could use the XBMC remote, or something like a LAN explorer to stream the music from my PC/NAS to my playbook. Then output from the Playbook via the gateway unit to my home stereo system? From everything Ive seen and read, it seems to be fine. Id just like to know if anyone else has used the playbook as both the remote and interface for such a setup, and how well it works. As of now, I am not too concerned about streaming video, though in the future would be open to this as well.

    thank you in advance
    09-12-12 01:38 PM
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    I do something like that with two apps music2touch & squeeze2pb. The cool thing with this setup I can control music playing to my playbook with one playlists then select my pc and play another playlists on there using squeeze play on the pc (which is hooked up to my stereo). Hope this is what you were looking for. Have fun! Oh ya I haven't tried thru bluetooth but I imagine that if it plays on the playbook than it would play thru bluetooth.
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    09-12-12 09:34 PM
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    I do something similar with GoogMusic. I have my music library uploaded to Google Music, so my Playbook has access to all the songs in my library. I also have the BlackBerry Stereo Gateway bluetooth device, which is connected to the home stereo. Music streams just fine from PB to stereo, plus I have access to all my music on my PB while away from home (when connected to wifi).
    09-13-12 05:55 AM