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    I think I made a mistake by buying a playbook last year since the workarounds to make it a good ereader don't work anymore (Blue box doesn't exist anymore, Calibre,..... for playbook).

    Is there a way - end of 2014 - to get a Adobe reader XI, Adobe Digital Edition running on playbook ?
    I'm fine with the lack of apps but essentials things not running - this is kind of very uncool.

    Thanks a lot.
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    10-19-14 07:49 AM
  2. eddy_berry's Avatar
    Hi Suza Na. Welcome to Crackberry! I'm sorry that you aren't finding a way to use your Playbook as an eReader. At Crackberry, most of us have known for a year now that the Playbook would slowly fade to nothing. No developer support is a tough pill to swallow. I wish you had come to us sooner. I still use my Playbook to browse websites and as an e-reader. I just don't use it much anymore. Most of the books I get are free ePub or PDFs for which there are a few okay readers still available for the Playbook through BlackBerry World. Most of these are paid apps. I would suggest getting an e-reader for the future if you are only going to read books. They are much lighter and more portable than a Playbook. The only other thing you can do is find the bar file for the apps you need at apk2bar.unker.net and sideload it onto your playbook. I wish I could be more help. Perhaps others will have better solutions. Welcome again though and I hope you can find your solution soon.
    10-19-14 08:45 AM
  3. wyleybuster's Avatar
    I use Kobo and Playepub Book Reader. I download a lot of books from Smashwords.
    I had an older Sony Ereader, and when their "bookstore" closed, every book I had previously downloaded was automatically brought over to Kobo.
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    10-19-14 09:13 AM
  4. Ragbert's Avatar
    You can also sideload Kindle to your Playbook. this thread contains info & instructions for doing this:


    Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio
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    10-19-14 09:49 AM
  5. Oglon3r's Avatar
    Funny you say that and you haven't yet made it into the best e-reader you will ever own.
    I mean a year?
    I got it last month and it's been set up since day one...
    You want to read pdfs and bookmark them?
    Get RepliGo pdf reader free from BBW
    You want to read mobi or epub files?
    Try Book Reader for 99 cents also on BBW.
    Want to read comics?
    Sideload JJcomics Viewer it's an amazing image viewer cbr reader all around.
    Want to get drm books? Also feel free to sideload amazon kindle. I got version
    Linked all the books I had purchased through kindle no problem.
    Want magazines? The built in PressReader app allowed me to download today's version of the New York times (I already had the online subscription btw)
    Want to listen to music while reading?
    You can go ahead and download Nobex radio via BBW free or go ahead download Fast Browser for 1.99$ and listen to Spotify via browser. I also pay for Spotify Premium btw.
    Anything else?

    Posted via my STA100-5 z30
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    10-19-14 10:47 PM
  6. TOphotog's Avatar
    Wow, I've got three and use them constantly... ebooks (Playepub Book Reader), videos (Kalemsoft Player - excellent and plays ALL files, not matter what format), presentations for work, spreadsheets, watching the radar for rain, can even do time lapsed photography (Advanced Camera), bluetoothed so I can do emails/BBM on a larger screen, etc etc etc etc.

    Maybe, if the poster had come on here a year ago and asked "what's the best BB app for _________?", she would have been happily using it rather than have it collecting dust for 12 months.
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    10-20-14 08:36 AM
  7. Suza Na's Avatar
    Hi all,

    thanks a lot for your help.
    Last year I was that disappointed that I put the playbook away but though it doesn't do what it should I would like to make the best of it.
    I bought the apps you mentioned - thanks. And the sideloading worked perfectly, my kindle app is activated.

    There is one little thing I still miss.
    I borrow a lot of books from my local library. So, EPUB + DRM.

    Is there a way to make the combination Epub + DRM readable on playbook?
    If so I decalre the playbook as the best tablet ever

    Thank you
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    10-20-14 01:21 PM
  8. tanoluch's Avatar
    Sideload bar file Overdrive Media Console version 2.6.5 android app. I use it to borrow e pub drm books from my local library all the time. Google the bar file. I am sure it's available still.

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    10-21-14 01:17 AM
  9. mh1983's Avatar
    A couple of versions here (do a search):

    APK to Bar Online Converter

    And here's 2.66:

    OverDrive Media Console for Playbook and BB10
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    10-21-14 05:05 AM
  10. Suza Na's Avatar
    Thanks again for your input.
    I sideloaded the Overdrive app yesterday but I can't find my library (European resident).
    How do I copy the books I borrow from my local library into the folder ? Copying?
    Sorry for all the questions but my technical intuition is quite limited..
    10-21-14 07:46 AM
  11. tanoluch's Avatar
    Open Overdrive. Swipe down to expose menu. Choose Get Books, choose add a library, browse for libraries, choose germany. Only library I found was : North Rhine-Westphalia. Then I chose Bonn international school e-media library. Now you have to sign in. I guess you need a local library card. That's it I guess.

    Now, if you have a non drm epub book, you just copy it from you pc to a folder on your PB. Using you PB file manager, find the file and try to open it. The PB will present you with a list of apps to open the file with. On my PB, Overdrive is one of my choices. I choose Overdrive and your done.

    Posted via CB10
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    10-21-14 03:14 PM

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