04-16-15 12:37 PM
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    I'd be willing to test. I have a playbook and have the ability to sideload. Anything I can do to help i'll try

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    Same here, anything to help.
    The cool thing about a nds emulator is that it would support touch input like in android:
    03-19-15 03:21 PM
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    Ok, I'm going to trudge through the source code tonight and see how daunting the task will be. I know there are emulators for the Playbook already so I'm going to see what code I can pull from them. Much of the work may be done for me.

    Thank you in advance for any info you provide or anything else. I'm hoping, if it turns out well, that I can program much more for the Playbook and make it worth people spending the money on. I love mine and use it daily.

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    Thats awesome man! did you go trough the source code? is it doable?
    03-21-15 06:22 PM
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    Any news bateman?
    03-27-15 03:06 PM
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    It seems the qnx port of retroarch is being worked on:

    I hope it comes to the playbook too....
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    03-31-15 02:04 PM
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    Is there a native nds emulator for bb10?
    04-03-15 12:51 PM
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    Seems like a_bateman is gone, another project for the playbook abandoned what a surprise.....
    04-07-15 09:58 PM
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    So maybe next week we will get something:

    Show your support in that thread guys.
    04-16-15 12:37 PM
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