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    i have tried already lot of things but my playbbok (running latest update) is not connecting to the desktop manager. I am having windows 7 64bit. it worked before perfectly. my phones do still work on the dm.
    if i connect i opens the desktop manager , but always shows it as not active. sometimes the usb sign is on sometimes not. I have tried almost everything i found in the forum. switched off all connections. closed dm and restarted the playbook, but it seems nothing helps.
    Anyone an idea what to do?

    04-20-12 02:39 AM
  2. Angus_CB's Avatar
    What version of Desktop Manager are you using?
    04-20-12 05:01 AM
  3. Heavens1's Avatar
    @mtthomas the following link will answer your questions and give you step by step help:


    Go to the last few pages.
    04-20-12 05:13 AM
  4. Ricardo_N's Avatar
    Do yourself a favor and uninstall a few of the most recent apps you had installed within the last few weeks since you last used DTM. Sounds like one of the apps you have may not agree with the new OS. This was my problem and it took me and BB PB tech support nearly 8 hours to solve. I had to wipe my pb and reinstall both my pb and DTM.

    See if this works first before calling tech support first.
    04-20-12 05:18 AM
  5. AllfatherOdin's Avatar
    Mine isn't either. I got a prompt to install new driver software for my PB. It apparently didn't install successfully. I restarted my PB, then it said installed successfully, but I still don't see it on the desktop manager. I can still type in my password to have it appear as a hard drive, though.
    04-20-12 05:29 AM
  6. Heavens1's Avatar
    You need to re boot the PC before the drivers take effect.
    04-20-12 05:33 AM
  7. kbz1960's Avatar
    DM closed, pb on, plug into computer, goto my computer or computer, look for rim or blackberry drive, double click it, it will install drivers and dm.
    04-20-12 05:35 AM
  8. QWKSNKE's Avatar
    DM closed, pb on, plug into computer, goto my computer or computer, look for rim or blackberry drive, double click it, it will install drivers and dm.
    what if BB drive is not there? That is the problem I have. No link shows up on the computer or DM. Never has. Is this a Win XP issue?
    04-20-12 08:20 AM
  9. kbz1960's Avatar
    Not sure. Some have said after rebooting their computer and pb a few times that the drive showed up. Maybe uninstall dm if that doesn't work, reboot and plug the pb in again.

    Mine had the instructions on the pb screen for installing the drivers from the pb.
    04-20-12 08:25 AM
  10. bnrnortel's Avatar
    Could be related to the problem in:


    PB is not being recognized as a mass storage device when plugged in via USB.
    04-20-12 09:01 AM
  11. lcfut's Avatar
    After upgrading to OS 2.0.1, and restarting the workstation its plugged into, the Playbook will display "Installing Drivers" on the screen.
    When this happens, open the "Computer" icon and look for a RIM device. It will be listed next to your CD-ROM drive.
    The installation for the new version of Desktop Manager can be found here.

    I am also running Win7 64-bit, and did these exact same steps after upgrading to OS 2.0.1.
    04-20-12 09:17 AM
  12. bnrnortel's Avatar
    04-22-12 08:19 PM
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    what if BB drive is not there? That is the problem I have. No link shows up on the computer or DM. Never has. Is this a Win XP issue?

    It is possibly a winxp issue. It may not have the hooks for the virtual cd image that the playbook now has for the desktop and driver updates.

    You can always download the desktop manager from rim and install it. Should have the new drivers included.

    I'd like to know if the cd image will be deleted once the updates are done. I want that real estate back.
    04-22-12 08:36 PM
  14. pansolo's Avatar
    Yeah I had to deal with this new sheet too today. What worked for me: after reinstalling the desktop manager (I noticed it looked like a new version) and getting the drivers as above...turn on the desktop manager first then turn off the wifi on your pb then turn off your pb. And hook it up to the desktop.
    Worked for me, but WHYYYYYY???? Why do I have to go thru all these hoops and bs!!
    04-22-12 10:46 PM
  15. mttomas's Avatar
    does not work for me. The device manager is recognizing the playbook perfectly. The desktop manager tries to connect to device and than says not possible. retry or continue

    on the notebook of my wife no problems at all...

    I start disliking the playbook.
    04-22-12 11:31 PM
  16. bmradux's Avatar
    I DID IT!

    Thanks bnrnortel for summarizing those nonworking approaches. Saved some time. I will tell you what the settings were and what i did precisely.

    The settings on my PB were:

    -Every darn connection mode were on on by Playbook. Meaning: Storage&Sharing - Connect to Windows - Filesharing ON - WiFiSharing ON - Password Protect ON. Security: Development Mode ON. Password ON. Note* I’ve set everywhere the same password. (Sincerely I doubt ALL these settings count much but I promissed I will give you all details of my steps no matter how superfluent.)

    The State of the Software on my Win XP was:

    -Installed and reinstalled a few times the BB Desktop Manager AND the BB Device Manager. (I used the Revo Uninstaller software to uninstall the above a few times and clean every time the remains of those applications.). This obviously did not help since I landed on this forum. Anyway – the status of those to BB softs on my pc was Installed and not really working. They were detecting my PB, the PIN of my PB, but failed to connect or to get the full details – like installed OS version of my PB (201 bunlde 358).

    What I did was:

    -With my PB plugged into the PC, with BB Desktop Manager started and semi-functional I opened the WINDOWS Device Manager (Control Panel ->Switch to Classic View -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager) and noticed a “RIM Network Device” with a “yellow” icon wich means it was missing drivers. Right-Clicked it and chose UNINSTALL. I did the same in the upper part of the list wher it says “Blackberry”->”Blackberry Smartphone”. (By the way – you can do this with confidence on any windows system with any device. The drivers are automatically reinstalled if they previously were installed at least at the next reboot.)
    -Unplugged my Playbook and Plugged it in again. And voila. The windows drivers were updated and the Desktop Manager connects.


    NOW let me say I hate RIM with all my heart, since my story actually beginns with “after updating to my Desktop Manager did not recognize my tablet, but offered to “RE-update” my tablet…” I took the bait and well… IT ACTUALLY DID A SECURITY WIPE before trying to fix something there was not to fix. Now I have a baby-blank tablet with all my apps, docs, movies, mp3s gone.I AM SELLING this white sheit of paper. Just wanted to make sure it is not broken…. Enjoy yours, and never do a OS update via Desktop Manager. Might go really ugly wrong.
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    04-26-12 07:23 PM
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    I do share some amount of frustration over reconnecting PB with Desktop Software after the update. Also I do share a frustration over RIM’s lack of true interest to interact with customer and its slow response time to provide advise, solution or support.
    At the same time I see a lot of us tend to overreact upon our frustration to get things work and we make too many assumptions that lead to sometimes unpredicted results.
    At the end I feel relieved we all got it solved. Here is what made it work for me:
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    04-26-12 09:11 PM
  18. MysticalOne's Avatar
    Thank you so much!!! I spent 4 grueling hours on the phone with a Blackberry tech and they couldn't solve my problem... YOU DID!! It worked THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
    03-19-13 05:46 PM