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    I am looking for a cover and car mount for my Playbook. The IGrip review stated the holder was hard to take on and off and suggested leaving it on. However, it would then be hard to have a cover.

    Any suggestions.

    thks in advance.
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    06-19-12 12:59 PM
  2. ricocan's Avatar
    I have struggled with the same question and not found an answer, not that I have looked too hard. I would certainly buy a solution that moved the PB between the various use scenarios more gracefully, portfolio, car mount, stand c/w keyboard (which I don't have yet because of this reason), also really like the feel of the PB as a stand-alone. I am thinking some kind of grip case with the keyboard, mounting holes work in each of the uses scenarios?
    06-19-12 01:34 PM