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    Hey guys,

    I recently got my Playbook.. it is really nice and cool..I decided to get a comwave account ( which I regret big time) and I noticed that everytime I use the comwave app, my PB gets really hot ( where the blackberry logo is located), do you guys have this issue?

    Also for people who want to sign up for comwave.. please read the countries that they support and to what phones you can call, I thought I can call to the listed countries but it turned out that if you call a cellphone then they will automatically charge you and send you the bill! the application lags alot! it is really bad, I am not sure if everybody can notice the lag but the delay is huge, pretty bad job comwave.. I will try to cancel my account with them since everything sux.. I know it is a beta version but cmon a lagy application?!
    09-29-11 04:35 AM
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    no replies :S, can u guys download the free App and test it? I want to see if its my PB or its the App it self..
    09-29-11 03:42 PM
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    That area tends to get warm when the pb is working its processors hard, because the circuitry is all located there. This won't be unique to comwave, any high intensity apps will have this problem to some extent, but it can be improved by turning the brightness down, putting the app mode into default rather than showcase and/or closing other apps when you have comwave open.
    I'm not sure what you mean by really hot, mine merely gets slightly warm, no warmed than my bold when its charging...if its unbearably hot then perhaps it has a problem? But I think the problem is just that its surprisingly warm so seems hot (if you've ever used an ipad it might seem hot, but the aluminium body and its extra size makes it easier for it to keep cool). Hope this helps
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    09-29-11 05:18 PM
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    Mine gets warm when I charge it but when I use a high intesity app like comwave.. I feel it becomes hot like a hot spot at the back where the processor is.. dunno if anybody had heating issues with the playbook or if they are common
    09-29-11 10:01 PM
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    That's not an issue when I use mines a lot of time also gets hot on BlackBerry logo; it gets hots cus the processor is just in the BlackBerry logo
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    09-29-11 10:03 PM
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    Hi there,

    To reiterate what gtpointer replied above, ePhone runs on flash and therefore uses a significant amount of the Playbook's processors/batteries.

    As for the billing issue with mobile rates, all of our rates are listed above on our website. Please refer to Home Phone and Long Distance | VoIP Internet Phone | Comwave Telecom Canada for more information.

    Finally, the lag has nothing to do with the program, but is entirely dependent on your WiFi connection.

    Hope this helps,

    09-30-11 12:31 PM
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    I still haven't seen a VoIP provider that has included cell phone calling for ALL countries... I have been using ephone since it came out, and it works fine even with a bridge connection to my Torch.

    The only thing that lags is the dial pad, and they recommend using the PB's keyboard for dialing.

    Things I wish for an update:
    -Ability to save contacts.
    -E-mail notification for missed calls.
    -Minutes counter, how am I supposed to know how many minutes I have left?
    -Better incoming call notification.

    Still a great service, it does sound very clear.
    09-30-11 04:16 PM
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    if you register a free ephone number when its busy, you may get a incoming call only phone number.. in my case Telus and bell does not recognize the registered number
    don't bother to replay to techsupport if the person can solve it the first time especially if they say they could not get through.
    just regeister anoter number with a different email if you need to let people call you.

    I tired for two weeks with the techsuport but stiil could not get them to solve the "'not in service" from phones or "please check area code and phone number message from Telus phone callers.the team seems to say I got problem on my side that I need help but what can be go wrong on my end when I can place outgoing calls and the app is active, in auto answer mode. furthermore some team members seem to find the phone not answering while there was absolutely no call on my playbook ephone . I verified the recent incoming call list - not a single incoming call got thru. while outgoing recent list showed all my out going calls Even when the issue is escalated, no concrete solution other they ask you for alternative phone to call you to walk you thru how to use,

    incredulously that some comwave support team member tell me that no need to call with the 1 prefix
    :"Every time that you dial within Canada you do not need to dial the number 1 first, since you have a Canadian number there is no need. Now, you have to be logged into the application in order for you to be able to receive calls, as well remember that this version is only supported for IOS supported devices, Playbook and Android phones"

    in fact In Alberta with telus, only local calls don't need and can't dial with 1 prefix. any long distance call must placed with prefix.
    with pc and device based voip svc phone number , 1 is often required
    I do know if I call my ephone number,I must be able to dial only 780xxxxxxx locally.
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    12-06-12 06:28 PM