06-23-14 02:51 PM
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  1. madman0141's Avatar
    And like the children who followed the rats into the sea to the tune of the Pied Piper............ Well, you get the idea.
    Are we talking about Megadeth Symphony of Destruction? I like Megadeth!! I like Megadeth more than I do Thor!
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    10-03-13 06:51 AM
  2. msps's Avatar
    55 mil... get it right, it's 55 million 25 just won't do because that's Elop-level money for actually salvaging a failing Nokia, whereas Heins gets 55 for running the BlackBerry ship straight into an iceberg.
    Thorsten is worth more gold than his weight. Look at multi platform BBM launch. Most CEO do just one launch.

    Thorsten launched it twice already and it not his last word.

    Multi compensation is a must
    10-03-13 10:05 AM
  3. anon1727506's Avatar
    Just saw that BlackBerry will be giving any PlayBook owner a $200 discount on the purchase of an EOL BlackBerry Z10. It is only off of the original retail price of $650 dollars. You can now get one for $450 by clicking on this special PlayBook owners only link http://store.shopblackberry.com/store/bbrryus/en_US/PlayBook/suckers
    10-03-13 11:46 AM
  4. blueberrymerry's Avatar
    I'll wait for the real Z10 firesale at $150 each, thanks
    10-03-13 10:00 PM
  5. milo53's Avatar
    I guess this thread is dead.......the Rats are scurrying.
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    10-03-13 11:35 PM
  6. sigint99's Avatar
    Don't worry, we'll all be getting our obligatory "Thor shafted us!" T-Shirts real soon now
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    10-04-13 12:09 AM
  7. msps's Avatar
    Real soon or
    BlackBerry soon?
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    10-20-13 04:50 PM
  8. msps's Avatar
    The new CEO claims
    John: I am -- look at my record -- a very loyal person. So your customers and employees who have attached their loyalties are really high on my list. So I’m going to do everything I possibly can to make sure I repay all their loyalty. I believe loyalty goes both ways.
    TH did not understand the word loyalty.
    I am glad they've kicked him out.

    Sacking Thorsten the liar Heins is a fair compensation in my book

    RIP playbook
    The thread can be locked down
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    11-06-13 03:06 PM
  9. howiek#CB's Avatar
    I own 2 Playbooks. I was told by Playbook tech support that when the Blackberry 10 came out, all the apps would be available on the Playbook. I also had 2 BB Bold 9900. I have Playbooks with apps that no longer work, with apps that haven't been upgraded, and none of the extra apps I was told by Blackberry were coming for the Playbook. Deception in order to sell a Playbook was criminal. I now have a Samsung Galaxy S4, my wife will soon have an Android too. The Playbooks will be junked, and 2 loyal Blackberry users feel deceived, and soon will have nothing to do with Blackberry.
    06-19-14 08:22 PM
  10. 3_M4N's Avatar
    'Compensation' - lol, you have got to be kidding.
    PlayBook reparations for everyone!

    Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! ?
    06-21-14 02:55 PM
  11. tufcustomer's Avatar
    People are still making threads about these things? It's fruitless, have to move on folks.

    Posted via CB10
    06-23-14 08:05 AM
  12. anon(5597702)'s Avatar
    The thread is from last year...
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    06-23-14 08:11 AM
  13. Cracklen's Avatar
    "...he said they were considering/considered ... Which means don't hold your breath... "
    A excellent understanding of 'corporate speak' !!

    And even if they had said what they knew you wanted them to say the masses would have been idiots to actually hold their breath !!

    If they came thru marvelous but since they did not no surprise, enjoying/using the product as is . . . . .

    don't hold your breath, for 'corporate speak' ! Buy .....a scratch and win lottery ticket instead imho
    06-23-14 01:58 PM
  14. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    OMG, it's like The Walking Thread. Someone shoot it in the head before it claims another victim...
    06-23-14 02:06 PM
  15. Brian Levy's Avatar
    Maybe for all owners of a PB with 16 gigs, government a 32 fig model and for each owner of a 32 gig model a 64 gig model and for a 64 gig owner a LTE model or another 64 gig. Or, for a nominal amount a LTE model for those owning a 16 or 32 gig unit. I own a 32 gig model and would have paid a bit for the LTE that is not tied to a provider. Yeah, I know seems a bit looney tunes but K think it would have helped by lessening the pain, seeing prices from dumping for those who had paid full bore.
    06-23-14 02:14 PM
  16. texn884's Avatar
    Really people give it up! its a fricking tablet and it is good for what it is and enjoy it till it dies!

    Is google going to pay you for a app that is no longer around? Or is Apple? Get your head out of your A SS and worry about something important. I have 3 PB's and do you hear me crying I want money? Sounds like your a taker in this world!
    06-23-14 02:50 PM
  17. texn884's Avatar
    wow wake up man
    06-23-14 02:51 PM
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