1. captainbdsc's Avatar
    Well, I was quite depressed tonight after discovering little scratches/marks on my brand new HDTV screen that could be seen at just the right angle. I let kids play in the same room as the TV unattended... Lesson learned!!!! ANYWAY, to the story...

    So the only specialized cleaning cloth I had in the house was the screen cleaning cloth that came with my PlayBook. I quickly ran and got it and gave the scratches a few passes, hoping that they were marks of dirt or what have you instead of scratches. They didn't go away... I searched around on the internet and all the "answers" suggested that I was SOL... So, I went back to my TV again with my PB cleaning cloth and used a little more pressure and far more passes in a circular pattern... After several, several passes the "scratches" disappeared!!!!

    All Hail the PlayBook Cleaning Cloth!!!!
    12-21-11 02:47 AM
  2. PineappleUnderTheSea's Avatar
    You can also use some cleaning solution made for glasses and wipe that down with your microfiber cloth, you won't have to use as much pressure to get grease swirls out from the screen.
    12-21-11 06:56 AM