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    We have a few playbooks at our office and use a Cisco ASA 5505 for our VPN connections which works great for everyone using the AnyConnect client. But, I have been asked to allow VPN access for our Playbook devices as well but I am running into trouble finding all the required information to get it working.

    I have filled in all the information I could for the Cisco ASA Gateway option:

    Server Address: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
    Gateway Type: Cisco ASA
    Authentication Type: XAUTH-PSK (is there a place to confirm this is the correct type?)
    Group Username: VPN
    Group Password: ?

    I know I need to find out the Group Password for sure but I have no idea how to do this and of course the person who set up the router to begin with is not available.

    Thank you to anyone in advance who is able to help me work this problem out.


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    AnyConnect uses SSL for the VPN. The Cisco ASA gateway type on the Playbook would be using IPSEC.

    If you have a support contract with Cisco, I would recommend using them to setup the IPSEC VPN group for the Playbook to connect to.

    Also, XAUTH-PSK is the correct auth type when using IPSEC with a username/password combo to authenicate.
    09-17-12 07:53 PM
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    Fantastic, thanks Willie! We do have a support contract I will give them a call and stop trying to make that SSL connection work with my Playbook.
    09-17-12 11:52 PM