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    Hello fellow Crackberrians.

    I plugged my Playbook into my rapid charger last night, only to find it at 23% first thing this morning. I'm assuming it's something I did wrong during connection, but that's not the question. I'm at the office with the Playbook and am wondering if the Playbook charges faster if turned on or off. I'm using the usb to computer for charging. If there's a thread on this I missed, or if someone knows the answer, please do advise.

    Thank you in advance. I'm using OS version
    08-07-12 06:41 AM
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    If using USB to computer then off would be the fastest way. At the very least standby. You should see a green pulsing light when OFF and charging. In either case(off or standby)it's a slow process. A phone charger would be a bit faster if you have one available.

    With the rapid chargers sometimes the lightning bolt will appear over the battery but there will be no charging. It's best to check after a few minutes to see if the percentage goes up. If you have the battery guru app check that it says charge and not power.
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    08-07-12 07:39 AM
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    Thanks. I will charge it in the 'off' state and see where it is in a couple hours.

    I find it odd that the playbook would indicate the rapid charger is charging when it may not. Could this be a software issue or a design flaw in the rapid charger itself? I'll start using Battery Guru for sure. Thanks for the tip!
    08-07-12 08:32 AM
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    I don't know if the rapid chargers have a design or manufacturing flaw. I also don't know if all the chargers are affected. Both my dock and the corded chargers have one low pin, which I believe is the cause of the "false lightning bolt".
    I should also mention that the pins are spring loaded. It is possible to get some crud in there keeping the pin from rebounding all the way.
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    08-07-12 08:46 AM
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    I've found with my rapid charger it isn't really charging sometimes also so I've learned to peek a little later to see if the % has gone up at all. A few times I've I had to reverse the direction I put it on or I've smacked the end on a table to get a pin to pop out?
    08-07-12 08:52 AM
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    As Chaddface noted, if the pb and the charger (both dock and travel versions) do not make full contact you can get a FALSE lightning bolt but it will not be charging. Well, the lightning bolt is not false (as it shows on the screen) but its indication that charging is occurring is false.

    If only two pins make contact, the lightning bolt will show but NO charging will occur. Peter (of Battery Guru fame) operated on his dock and raised the low pin.

    I've got the travel version and it also has a low pin (playing with its springiness has not helped) and my pb is in an Otterbox. I can almost always connect it with wire to Right where the case interferes with the seating and get a Lightning Bolt but it will NOT be charging.

    Like the others, I make sure that there is an increase a few moments/minutes after connecting to know it really is charging.

    A normal usb chargeANDdata cable will not provide sufficient power and the pb will actually continue to lose power if used while connected to the computer.
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    08-07-12 09:55 AM
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    Another comment, to supplement the excellent answers above...

    With the rapid charger, assuming it's connected properly and operating properly (definitely not a given, as you can see from the earlier comments), it will take exactly the same time to charge whether the PlayBook is "off" or on. Note that it actually never charges while off, but merely boots itself up into a special charging mode with the screen off. In any case, screen on or off, device idle or in use, the rapid charger can keep up.

    That's not the case with any of the other chargers. With the included charger, with the screen on it will take noticeably more time to fully charge. With a USB connection to a PC, it can actually discharge while plugged in, though it will survive for longer (since it is actually getting *some* power from the charger, but not as much as it's using). Even with the screen off and device idle, the USB will take 12h or so to charge it fully.

    Note also that this is the only reason the rapid charger can ever do "2x faster charging"... if the screen is off, it's only about 5% faster than the regular charger, but with the screen on it can get close to 2x faster, not because it speeds up but because the regular charger just can't keep up.
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    08-08-12 01:39 PM
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    Thanks for all the advice and information guys. I have started using Battery Guru to verify the connector is attached properly. This should prevent me from starting the day under 30% again.

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    08-09-12 07:34 AM
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    With Battery Guru I just check that it says charge instead of power. If the charger isn't seated correctly you will see Guru say cradle as the charger type but it will display power instead of charge. This is when you would see a lightning bolt but no charge taking place.

    I just wait 5 seconds or so to be sure it stays on "charge".
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    08-09-12 08:04 AM