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    I need your help guys as I want to install my playbook in my car.

    I know there are threads about that already but the one on OBD2 is almost a year old and all...

    First let's start with OBD2. I heard that you have to use a wi-fi adapter and not a bluetooth one.. did this change or is it still like that? Like did blackberry API finally let use use bluetooth with android apps? Torque looks great and id love to use it.

    Second, car charger... what are you guys using? if it's a 12V charger, how many amps? I heard some of you use a USB wire for charging ONLY? Do you plug in the USB jack of your radio/car or in a 12V adapter? If it's the adapter, again, how many amps? Some of you use the 12V/120V transformer, how many watts does it push?

    Finally, the car mount. Which one do you use? I want one that won't move/shake at all if possible! So again what do you use?

    Thank you very much in advance everyone I'm really looking forward to what you're all using!

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    04-05-14 12:36 PM
  2. VR6's Avatar
    Awesome, I just posted my setup here. Check it out.


    Posted via CB10
    04-05-14 01:36 PM
  3. VR6's Avatar
    For a car charger use this one but it doesn't charge very fast. Instead of the lightning bolt icon it shows a plug icon when you plug it in. Not sure what the difference is.


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    04-05-14 01:41 PM
  4. rotorwrench's Avatar
    I use a BB Premium car charger which has a usb port as well. It is 1.8amps which is the same as the PB wall charger. As far as mounts go, we use the RAM mounts at work and they work well and are very versatile. The RAM TabTite holder works great for a naked PB or with a thin skin and the X-grip works with cases. Options for floor, console and windshield mounts.

    On one of my personal PBs I have it in an OtterBox case and mounted a RAM ball on the cover which allows it to be directly mounted on the RAM base mount on my motorcycle. I posted some pics of the OtterBox mount a couple of years ago.
    Scroll down to see the last photo which shows the RAM Ball mounted to the Otterbox cover which acts as the PB holder.


    P.S. Don't use a mount with a flexible stem if you want a nice solid mount, they will jiggle under many driving conditions. Several brands of mounts with flexible stems we tried at work all had too much movement for us.

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    04-05-14 01:51 PM
  5. Aljean Thein's Avatar
    For the car mount, I currently use this one Caseology One Touch Dashboard Universal Tablet Car Mount Holder Cradle Up to 7" | eBay

    Set it up right, and it wont shake or move around. Only bad thing is, it blocks the charger port.

    I also bought this Windshield Car Mount Holder Cradle Universal for Tablet Kindle Fire 1 2 HD 7 8 9 | eBay

    Its great, but it does shake around. But it doesnt block your charger port so you're good to go

    And for the car charger, I use the Blackberry Premium car charger Original ASY 46706 001 in Vehicle 1 8A Car Charger New in Box for Blackberry Z30 | eBay
    04-05-14 01:56 PM

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