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    Hey everyone,
    My wife and I use the calendar for all of our appointments and scheduling.

    One thing I noticed on the Playbook that I recently wanted to investigate is when my wife sends me an invite, it comes on the Playbook but in the body of the Invite it shows "Responding to this meeting is unsupported".

    Has anyone been able to fix that? I do have the calendar setup as CalDAV to be able to send invites when scheduling an event.

    I tried doing a search on the forum but nothing came back.

    09-29-12 08:10 PM
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    For what calendar is this? Y!, MSN, Google?
    09-29-12 11:51 PM
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    For what calendar is this? Y!, MSN, Google?
    Sorry, this is for Gmail calendar added using CalDAV.
    09-30-12 11:19 AM
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    Is the invite sent from an Apple device? If it is the same as the BlackBerry phones, the Apple devices do not format the request properly. I forget the exact syntax of it, but the Apple devices try to insert the appointment rather than request to insert the appointment.


    Fount the thread:


    The Solution

    Basically, in order for the blackberry to import the appointment the ICS file must contain a "METHOD:REQUEST" line. That is it. Normally forwarded ICS appointments will have METHOD:PUBLISH. Here are the steps to fix an ICS file.

    1. Download the ICS file to your PC
    2. Edit the ICS file using a text editor and add METHOD:REQUEST (or replace METHOD:PUBLISH with METHOD:REQUEST)
    3. Forward the modified ICS file to your blackberry.
    4. Success!

    This process is tedious to do for each and every ICS file you receive, so it may just be easier to import the file with outlook and sync with your blackberry. I don't sync with outlook so this was not an option for me.
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    09-30-12 12:28 PM
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    Event sent from my wife's blackberry using @telus.blackberry.net address.

    i respond from my 9900 also on my email calendar, but cant on my playbook.
    09-30-12 06:16 PM