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    Hello CB,
    Happy Holidays!

    I was very lucky to get a PB 64gb from Santa this year. I've some questions as I'm experiencing some odd things with Native Calendar, Native Contacts and Accounts - either that or I'm just being a bit dim. Note that Bridge is working just fine.
    I've setup my Gmail, Gmail Calendar (which is set to synch in BIS), Twitter and Facebook accounts on the Playbook.
    Today was the first time for me to switch it on and during the setup the process found the new update (.1314) and installed this as part of the setup.

    Any help to point me in the right direction will be more than gratefully received. All the issues/oddities are listed below.

    Contacts - the contacts listed are those that are in my FaceBook account or that I follow on Twitter. if I tap on one of the contacts from the list I dont see any information/ tweets/Facebook status in the information window on the right. Why would this be the case??

    Contacts - I have Bridge working fine, but is there any way of getting the contacts from my phone to the PB native contacts app (say i was out with my pb and i'd forgotten my phone and needed to make a call)??

    Calendar - the calendars available to me in the native app are Facebook, Gmail and Playbook Local. When I open the native Calendar app I dont see any appointments/agendas. If i swipe down and select any specific calendar, i then get the "green spinning circle" and it appears as though the app freezes - if i close the app and reopen i am still faced with the "green circle". To clear, i have to press the Vol Up/Vol Down/Power buttons and then select restart from the menu. Why??

    Accounts - When I'm trying to get my PB accounts configured, I sometimes get the "green spinning circle" which appears to freeze the device and to clear i have to press Vol Up/Vol Down/power and select restart from the menu to clear.


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    12-26-12 06:40 PM
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    Haven't tried on the contacts part yet but I would think that backing up the contacts on the phone via DM and then connecting the PlayBook via DM and adding them might work. I was thinking about this earlier but have been too lazy working off all the excess food and treats.
    12-26-12 06:51 PM
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    Congtats on your new PB.
    I have found the easiest way to get contacts from my 9860 on to my PB was to add my gmail account to my phone and then let the gmail account synch my contacts and calendar. You may have to log on to your Gmail account through your browser to get everything working correctly. I have also found setting email accounts up on the PB some times required setting up the accounts through the advanced setting. I hope this helps.
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    12-26-12 08:33 PM
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    Here is how I handle your requests. I am not sure if it is the best way,but its what works for me.

    Calendar- when entering the appointment directly on my torch I will add my Gmail email address to the attendee section. When I save it on my bb handheld it will send an email to my Gmail account and it will automatically sync to my pb calendar. When entering the appointment on my pb I will add my vzw.BlackBerry.net email address and it will send meeting to my torch and automatically saves it.
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    12-26-12 09:15 PM
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    For contacts; I had to expert my MS Outlook contacts to my Gmail account and then the pb synced them. I tried syncing through my desktop manager but wasn't able to do it. I didn't want to have my contacts on Gmail but needed my contacts on my pb as I use it all the time.

    If you have any more questions please contact me, reply to post or send me a twitter message @jsilvey2351. Hope this helps you out.

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    12-26-12 09:18 PM
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    Thank you Jeff.
    I've been considering doing a security wipe on the device and starting from scratch again, because the green spinning wheel is really doing my head in. I've registered for the 90-day free technical support too, so I way well take full advantage of it.

    I love the PlayBook. I always have done. And I'm really pleased that I've now got one too. Its just more than a little bit frustrating at the minute though with these teething issues.
    12-27-12 03:41 AM
  7. jsilvey2351's Avatar
    Here is a picture of my screenshot. Not sure if it will help. Nothing listed in domain.
    Attached Thumbnails Playbook Calendar, Contacts, Accounts-img_00000072.jpg  
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    12-27-12 06:04 AM
  8. Barljo's Avatar
    Thanks Jeff- was having exactly having exactly this trouble, and your settings seem to have sorted it!
    12-27-12 11:59 AM
  9. jsilvey2351's Avatar
    My pleasure. I'm glad I could assist.
    12-27-12 04:38 PM

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