1. Snoman002's Avatar
    First post, thanks for the awesome community!

    Two quick questions if you have a minute.

    One, will the PB support an external BT GPS and can an app access such a device?

    Two, does the Android player have access to BT? The beta currently seems disconnected from BT, or at least the ability to control the hardware anyways.

    01-04-12 05:24 PM
  2. peter9477's Avatar
    Many of us expect to see support via both Bluetooth and USB for devices like that, but it's not there yet and may not be for some months. There's a chance 2.0 will bring one or the other, or both, but I'm going to guess it will be a bit longer. (I expect a limited set of device classes to be supported in 2.0, such as the A2DP we've seen in the latest beta, and possibly mass storage mode, with other profiles to come later.)

    Once it's there, an app should be able to access it, though how that will work is of course an open question. There'd likely be a standard API, along with new restricted permissions for the user to grant.
    01-04-12 05:52 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    I have a small external gps that I use to use with my 8830 since Verizon disabled the gps.

    But the pb has an internal gps. So what did you propose using the bt gps for if you don't mind my asking? But anyway, as noted, it is not supported at this time.
    01-04-12 06:23 PM
  4. canuckvoip's Avatar
    I too am interested in knowing the reason for using an external gps puck type device.
    01-04-12 08:57 PM