1. peterpolo's Avatar
    hi, Recently got my playbook on, massively underrated. Its amazing. One thing that's bothered me is the browser.

    When i try and go to gameloft.com via google or if i type in the .co.uk address or attempt to go to any page on the site i get redirected? to Payforit and am asked for my phone number to proceed with a payment.

    My initial thought was i'd been hacked (i sideload a bit) but i cant find any other mention of it online and Its blackberry so i stupidly felt a bit safer than i should.

    Browser appear to stall for a brief second on loading any page on gameloft, identical amount every time (not a connection issue i dont think so anyway)

    Page i'm redirected to is: Please complete your purchase

    any ideas? or is it a mobile browser issue?
    10-26-12 05:35 AM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    Try using Simple Browser and setting the user agent (in options) to Internet Explorer. You're being redirected because they're identifying your PB as a mobile device.
    10-26-12 06:17 AM
  3. jpvj's Avatar

    I just followed you link and tried to play a bit around with it. When I canceled the payment, I ended up at this URL:

    Gameloft has published several games for PlayBook. Any chance this has something to do with it - either downloaded through AppWorld or sideloaded?


    10-26-12 06:19 AM
  4. peterpolo's Avatar
    thanks both for your help. Looks like i panicked a bit there for a moment. Didn't realise Gameloft use payforit. Probably just crossed wires etc I have bought two games on bb appworld from them (1 each! amazing) I will try simple browser in a bit to confirm.
    thanks again.
    10-26-12 06:23 AM

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