1. jessedlyons2's Avatar
    Against my better judgement I upgraded to 2.0 I loved the interface but it broke my let's play golf 2, and let's get serious I love the game so I downgraded back to

    Now my browser will not work. It comes up and then it hangs, no page will load. I can get the menu to come up by swiping down but I am unable to click on anything. Simple browser works like a charm though, so I know its not my network. So far I did a restore from a backup I made prior to upgrading to the beta, this did nothing. I did two of the hard resets (volume up/down/power button) and the browser still is not functioning. Any suggestions other than a security wipe?
    01-27-12 12:26 PM
  2. saudadeii's Avatar
    Happened to me during several upgrade/downgrade/root attempts. On one version my browser did the same thing. Sometimes the upgrade fixed it, sometimes the downgrade. If you want to stay at 1.08, I'd suggest a wipe, then reinstall. If you signed up for the beta, you'll need to wait 24 hours for it to expire, otherwise it will upgrade on reboot again.
    01-27-12 01:54 PM
  3. jessedlyons2's Avatar
    Any other suggestions other than a wipe? If I do the wipe would I be able to restore my backup I made prior to upgrading to the beta, also does the full backup save apps and game saves by chance?
    01-27-12 07:56 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    It should restore stuff but any apps it might not restore can be downloaded again other than the time involved. I am not sure if game-scores are saved/restored.
    01-27-12 10:01 PM