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    Update: So I stumbled upon a thread I had made earlier but forgot about with some good solutions. Sorry for the second thread.
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    11-30-12 09:38 PM
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    Why are you blaming the playbook when you're watching videos from pirated sites? Has nothing to do with the playbook. Those site runs all kinds of malicious scripts that probably crash the flash player. Watch the video from LEGIT sources and you will have zero issues.
    11-30-12 09:49 PM
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    Hey, I'm just trying to keep up with my TV show :P. But anyways that aside, it still function fairly slow for other websites as well. I have a respectable internet connection and router too. Like I said, I love the tablet, but the browser is weak in some aspects. At least it feels to have become weaker since the updates.
    11-30-12 09:59 PM
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    It's 100% your network or service provider. I had huge Internet issues on playbook. I hated the browser just like you. Even sent the playbook in for repair. Tried friends playbook etc. Turns out it was Rogers all along. Last month they did some updates to their system and boom. The playbook has been amazing since then. Blistering fast and great for streaming.

    Call them and have them push updates to your modem.

    Good Luck.
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    11-30-12 10:11 PM
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    Didn't consider that. Thanks will do!
    11-30-12 10:17 PM
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    Bar none, I still find the PlayBook browser to be the most capable browser on a tablet. Even besting my Galaxy S3 since the update to Jelly Bean stripped the Flash Player support entirely from the phone and I just don't want to root my phone etc.

    So when it comes to recliner browsing, other than using my MacBook Pro, the PlayBook has all the same abilities.

    Imagine now if Firefox was ported to this little beast. How awesome would that be for Firefox users on full fledged computers.
    11-30-12 10:34 PM

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