1. Valentina Velvet's Avatar
    Hi folks,

    I've tried to find a clear answer to what is probably a dense question, but to no avail. Maybe you can help?!

    I have a new playbook, which is bridged to my blackberry. Now, my phone and playbook are both connected to my home wifi when I'm there. So, if I streamed a movie on my playbook online, would this be using my home wifi, not my monthly mobile Internet usage (as per my blackberry mobile contract)? The reason I am seeking clarification is, I don't want to go over my monthly limit,and also, I have tried disconnecting the blackberry from the playbook and the pages (Google etc) don't seem to want to load - everything seems to run quicker when the blackberry and playbook are connected.

    Any clarification would be appreciaged

    01-08-13 12:35 PM
  2. DOCTOREVIL8's Avatar
    The Playbook will use wifi when connected first and foremost. If there is no connection to wifi, then bridge (aka data plan) takes over. I would suggest turning off bridge for a bit to ensure your wifi is working well with the Playbook first. Maybe you need to delete the wifi network from the Playbook and recreate it.
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    01-08-13 12:42 PM
  3. taz323's Avatar
    if you are on wifi, the green bars at top of PB will be green, when bridged not.
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    01-08-13 12:44 PM
  4. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Disconnect the bridge from the BlackBerry phone, you don't need the bridge feature to stream music or movies over wifi for the PLAYBOOK. If theres no wifi connection then the bridge would be necessary
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    01-08-13 12:48 PM
  5. JeepBB's Avatar
    If your PB has a choice (connected via both WiFi and Bridge), it will always use the WiFi connection. So you'd be using the broadband limit set by your ISP.

    If you move away from a WiFi region (the green WiFi icon will lose all the green), your PB will automatically switch to using the BB phone (via Bridge) to maintain interweb connectivity. It will now be using your BB phone Data Plan.

    You don't have to switch either WiFi or Bridge off to force the connection preference.

    So, it's safe to keep both Bridge and WiFi "active" on your PB and let the PB choose the best way to connect (always WiFi rather than Bridge if both are on and available)
    01-08-13 12:49 PM
  6. Valentina Velvet's Avatar
    Doctorevil - Thankyou, that's explained it a bit, looks like I'll need to see how well the wifi is working, I checked for a few minutes by just disconnecting the PB from my blackberry, and the pages weren't loading and kept flagging up an error message.

    Taz - I am bridged to my blackberry, and both PB and blackberry are connected tomy home wifi, therefore they appear to be green all the time? I'm really just looking to make sure that when I stream on my PB whilst connected to my phone(both of which are connected to my home wifi I'm pretty sure) that I am definitely using my home wifi usage and not my blackberry mobiles monthly data plan.

    Thanks guys
    01-08-13 12:55 PM
  7. Valentina Velvet's Avatar
    (Of course this does still leave me with a playbook that is lagging when streaming - a wifi issue as opposed to a playbook issue? Hmm more investigation needed me thinks! )
    01-08-13 01:02 PM
  8. graystuff's Avatar
    Seems strange that the pages don't work when you disconnect the bridge coz it should work just the same. I would check your wifi connection. I was paranoid about this like you and did the tests that have been suggested to prove it to myself. The other thing I did was to look to see if there are any 'connecting arrows' (not sure what else to call them) on the 9900 that show outward and downward data flow when i pressed play on the playbook.
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    01-08-13 01:07 PM

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