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    I don't know what I am experiencing but hopefully someone can help me figure this out or may have had a similar problem.

    My Playbook is bridged to my Q10SQN100-2/ with a newly reloaded OS that I have been slowly rebuilding to my old settings without restoring. The Playbook is unbearably slow to load browser sites via the Bridge and is not fast enough to play a short 6 minute video. The Bold on the other hand is loading sites and videos as if it is on 4G. In the past (I don't bridge often) I have had reasonable speeds on the Playbook to not notice any impact so I am confused on what the cause is and why it is happening now.
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    That's odd, I have not that issue with the Q10. Have you got the latest firmware on the playbook? May be re-pair them?
    05-19-14 08:45 PM
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    EDIT: I found my own answer. The Bridge kept disconnecting and therefore the video kept stopping. I even opened a thread on this very issue but it seems I didn't recognize the problem until I saw it happen. I consider the issue resolved as this is a problem with the Bridge app on BlackBerry 10 and it has never been fixed in the past year I have had my Q10.
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