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    I've just restored my PlayBook following a hardware repair at RIM. All appears fine APART FROM my browser bookmarks. Is this expected behaviour? If not, which of the three data types are the bookmarks stored in so I can do a selective restore? I've tried to open the bbb file with all of the extraction programs I can find but none of them seem to like PB bbb's
    11-30-12 01:49 AM
  2. AdesTheShades's Avatar
    Ok - all sorted now... It looks like my restore must have failed. I've taken a punt and done an Application Data only restore and it's brought back my Bookmarks plus all of my sideloaded apps. I'd already reinstalled most of these but the restore has given me back my original layout. Also, the additional sideloaded apps that I've installed since the backup have been preserved too. So its a win.
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    11-30-12 06:52 AM

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