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    I just began investigating something I'd like to see happen with Bridge. If you know of a way to do what I'm asking let's not waste the thread space and give me your workaround or app or whatever, thanks in advance.

    I've noticed lots of people hoping and requesting that "listen to on PlayBook" become a feature, like you would open a song on your handheld, and give you the option to *view* on Playbook.

    How about one simpler. I want to use my PB with my BB as a bluetooth speaker. What about as a speakerphone during calls? It would be playing native on the phone, just sending audio out.

    I want any audio from the phone to come out the PlayBook speakers. I don't know if it sounds crazy or if its asking too much, but I have my reasons for wanting it and it sounds fairly simple to implement, especially if it could be built into Bridge.

    What do you guys think about my idea, how could it work, and what similar features would you like to see?
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    05-09-12 05:30 PM
  2. velociraptor89's Avatar
    Sounds pretty good to me!
    05-09-12 06:01 PM
  3. varunsain's Avatar
    There are a lot of ideas running wild for the Bridge!

    Need a Bridge sticky!
    05-10-12 01:41 AM
  4. russnash's Avatar
    I would definitely like to see this on my playbook.

    I love the idea of the bridge, it's something that is truly unique to blackberry (please speak up if I'm wrong about this?). In my opinion I would like to see the bridge become an experience which means that whenever I'm holding my playbook I will never need to pick up my BlackBerry smartphone.

    05-10-12 07:47 AM
  5. Jsolts's Avatar
    Great idea, I'm with you on that.

    Another thing I'd like to see is a where's my phone/playbook bridge feature.

    Ill admit I'm all over the place and sometimes I can't remember where I put 1 of the two devices. If I could press a button on 1 and have the other start beeping, it would save me a lot of searching.
    05-10-12 12:21 PM
  6. Mark PPG's Avatar
    digging this up from the grave..

    We NEED this in the next set of updates!

    Here is my arguement for it:
    The PB is a secondary device. Your phone of choice is your primary device. If you support BT audio with the PlayBook it would allow you to only store your songs on your primary device (if you choose to).

    open your media player on your BB, iPhone, Android. Select shuffle all and select PlayBook as your speaker. The music plays on the BB, but the sound comes from the PlayBook.

    If you want to get even funkier, give some A2DP support on the PlayBook itself to allow skipping tracks etc.

    Somebody make this happen! I just copied 9gigs of music onto my PlayBook that is already on my BB :s
    09-03-12 03:41 PM