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    I'm trying to use bluetooth DUN from my playbook to my verizon "dumb" phone (Samsung Rogue - SCH-U960). Currently I tether from my laptop, Nokia N800 and my HP TouchPad (running ICS) all using standard bluetooth DUN. On my TouchPad I use a program called BlueVPN since Android does not natively support bluetooth DUN. It seems allot of people confuse PAN with DUN which are completely different technologies. Bluetooth DUN on CDMA requires you to specify a number of items as part of the connection to the carrier including the dial number (#777), the login ID (phone#@vzw3g.com) and a password (vzw). Even when I try to set up a custom profile on the playbook I'm not given the opportunity to specify this information. Is there a way to specify this information as part of the bluetooth DUN connection on the Playbook? It seems like they are 90% of the way there to support bluetooth DUN on non BB phones. I really like the performance of the Playbook vs my TouchPad but if I can't tether it's getting returned. Another solution would be load CyanogenMod on the Playbook but it seems RIM has gone way out of their way to prevent people doing that. TIA
    03-06-13 11:22 AM

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