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    Playbook nation. i am currently using a Torch 9800 with my Playbook and what I really like is the bridge feature. Last Friday I got an email from work that they were upgrading my phone to a iPhone os. They pay for my phones and bills . I have wifi at home but the biggest advantage to me was that over half the day I don't have wifi and bridge filled that gap.

    I am worried that my PB won't get as much use with no abiliy to bridge using the iPhone. Does anyone else use a device other than a BB with their PB and can give some thoughts on their usage of the PB without the ability to bridge.
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    12-26-11 12:35 PM
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    I had an iPhone, sold it and got a BB for bridge. Nothing is going to come close, they will share data but thats it.
    12-26-11 05:30 PM
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    While I feel you will get the most from your Playbook when you own a BB there are ways to use non BB to tether and use WiFi
    You will not be able to use bridge to view email,contacts, and calendar. It does work
    12-26-11 05:37 PM
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    Two of the main reasons I purchased the PlayBook is size and bridge, without a Blackberry phone, it takes away the full capabilities of the PlayBook, however the PlayBook is still a formidable device. Tethering is still an option with another smartphone and enjoyment with the playbook will still be available
    12-26-11 05:47 PM
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    Tell your employer you do not wish to downgrade to a Fisher-Price toy.
    12-26-11 05:48 PM