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    Christmas 2012 I bought my kids a 64GB Playbook each. They have worked great for ages but now I've started to get a random authentication / login window. All I can think is that they haven't been used for a while and something has been triggered to verify the users.

    The problem is that my daughter's was set up using my wife's email address (she didn't have email then, but she has gmail now). Now when I try to login using my daughter's BBID I get a message saying that the original account only has permissions to install apps, updates etc. Now, this is the original account but all I done was change the user email address. No problem, just enter my wife's email address on the BB website and double check her information. But now according to BB my wife has not got a BBID.

    So, one user account. One email is not recognised as a BBID t'other isn't recognised as the original account. Great!

    To top it off I thought I would do a backup, on a Mac. I have the BB desktop software (version 2.4.0) but it would not see the Playbook. Once, twice then a 'Repair' button came up. Pressed it. Factory reset wiped all the data. I'm not that bothered, 20 quid in games and a heap of freebies lost. But I am a bit narked that it happened. And I am worried that I can't backup my son's, he has bought heaps of stuff for his.

    I contacted customer support but it is after 90 days so I don't matter any more

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.
    02-24-14 01:07 PM
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    Your problem with the BlackBerryID was when you changed it, you didn't actually change the BlackBerryID, just the email associated. It is the same BlackBerryID you had, but it now has your daughter's email as the email associated with it. You may just have to figure out the correct password to use with it. If your wife still has a BlackBerry device, you will see the daughter's email was pushed to it as the BlackBerryID. If you want to get your wife's ID back, login with your daughter's email and then change the email on the BlackBerryID account back to your wife's. You can do this either through the web site or the PlayBook.

    To get your daughter setup on her own BlackBerryID or to change a BlackBerryID on the BlackBerry PlayBook or BB10 phone, you need to do a security wipe and setup the new BlackBerryID. It will not let two BlackBerryID share the same email, so make sure you get your wife's BlackBerryID email changed back to her email.

    In regards to the problems you had backing up your daughter's PlayBook, you must have plugged in the USB cord when the PlayBook is shutdown, which will initiate a prompt to reload the software or wait for it to boot. You should have waited for it to reboot. For your son's PlayBook, make sure it is booted and you can see the home screen prior to plugging in the USB cord.
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    02-24-14 02:38 PM
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    Sometimes you have to uninstall DTM and reload it for it to see the PB. This has been verified around here someplace.
    ALSO, make sure you are using the Data cable that came with the PB. Not all cables are equal.....

    Then I would make sure the wifi is off on the PB(s), and plug into the PC. Once mounted, "COPY" all of your music/vids/files you want to keep in a safe place on the PC. Should mount to a Drive "Z"?

    Then you should be good to go and perform the Backup (assuming the PB gets mounted by the PC/Apple machine.)

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    02-24-14 02:41 PM
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    also restarting pc, then plug in pb via usb will reinstall drivers...
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    02-25-14 09:01 AM

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