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    I have been trying unsuccessfully for a week to get a decent HDMI picture out of my Playbook. Thought is was the HDMI/Micro HDMI adapter I have just bought. Getting a picture is erratic, once there very poor quality then goes off. Tried different HDMI leads on different TV's, and all of the various HDMI setting on the playbook without success. I borrowed the daughter's playbook today, plugged in the lead I have been using, perfect picture. Got straight onto Technical support, OS re install, but picture quality no different.

    Now just have to wait for the returns box to arrive.

    Only had the Playbook since Christmas, but how am I going to survive without it. (Daughter has taken hers back now.) I might have to borrow the wife's Nexus 7.

    PS Note of warning. Make sure you back up your Playbook before you ring Tech Support. During the process of re-installing the OS, tech. support never mentioned once that this process would wipe my PB and would be back to how I bought it. Means I lost quite a bit of data. Fortunately I had backed it up the previous week.
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    02-01-13 03:30 PM
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    All packaged up, waiting for Fedex.
    02-06-13 06:51 AM
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    Too bad. Hope your next one is better.

    HDMI out works great for me without any problems, so it is definitely possible.
    02-06-13 12:45 PM
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    So what am I suppose to do when Blackberry ring me back and say the Micro HDMI port has been user damaged, and is not a warranty repair. Option is to have it repaired at 119, when the thing only cost 129 at Christmas. I have only plugged a mirco HDMI adapter into the port about 2 weeks ago and it has never worked. I specifically put the plug in the correct way making a not of the correct way before even trying to plug it in. I am 100% definite I plugged it in the correct way. Totally p*ssed of with BB at the minute, just cannot believe this. Got to be a design fault on the port/plug if it can be damaged that easily.

    Malcolm .
    02-12-13 07:28 AM
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    Update. Got replacement playbook back from Blackberry today after they could not replace the micro HDMI port that someone in their service center had damage. Everything OK apart from this one has a warped back! Previous one did not.

    02-22-13 11:38 AM

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