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    Just for being able to tether internet from z10 to playbook. If there is any other tablet that is as good please post. I mean from z10 to any other tablet. Saves me $50 per month

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    07-01-14 05:30 PM
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    I just get annoyed people bashing the playbook when the simple fact you can tether so well is easily best reason to have a playbook. Also 3 year old playbook is easily as good as any other newer tablet. Who cares about slightly slower web browser. Plus BlackBerry is a canadian company. Any other tablet out there does absolutely nothing a playbook is able to now. Slightly faster yes but who cares about doing something 10 seconds faster

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    07-01-14 05:38 PM
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    I have been using my 64GB PlayBook tether to my Q10 and use it daily, I started out with the Torch 9810 then the Z10 now Q10, used the PB on all of them and it just go better with the update

    I have never had any trouble at all, maker of fact it amazes me.

    I was in a restaurant once using it, I am a frequent customer and another frequent customer asked my what I was using, I told him he said " I us and iPhone and have an iPad, said I am suppose to use them like that, but i have never been able to figure it out."
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    07-01-14 08:52 PM
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    Thanks all for saving me $700 plus another phone subscruption for a new tablet. I looked at IPad (pushed by friends) and then opted for and reserved for pickup at Future Shop a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet. I needed something I could get my email and internet news on, store my news clippings, use as a GPS and look up stuff on the Web while at the lake far from any WIFI. After reading these threads, I cancelled my Samsung order, and got my Playbook working again (The 2.0 update had wiped it clean of anything in its memory - very unthoughtful of BB - and I figured I would best opt for a new piece of kit!). I have just come in from a walk around downtown, with no WIFI in range - using my BB phone as the tethered hot spot - and it worked perfectly. The only thing I might miss is the Android capability - or the APPle system on IPad that would allow me to subscribe to newspapers like the new LaPresse+ whose Android version is not compatible with Playbook. I'm surprised that nobody in Waterloo has taken a trip to MOntreal to twist the arms of these people and help them be compatible with BB. As well the Economist has advised it will no longer support its web edition on BB Playbook, but so far its still working fine.
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    07-02-14 08:23 PM

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