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    Does the playbook play Android applications? Before I purchased my BBP I read somewhere that it would play these applications, but I have not seen anything on it since.

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    08-19-12 04:07 PM
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    Yes, Android apps can be converted and installed. Some are available from App World (at a glance, some are almost indistinguishable to the untrained eye from "real" apps), others must be downloaded pre-converted or converted manually from the Android APK files, and then "sideloaded" onto the PB. Sideloading refers to loading apps onto your PB without going through the App World. It requires one of several tools (there are guides around these forums) and does not exclusively apply to converted Android apps. There are other apps (emulators, mostly) that have not be approved (or perhaps even submitted) to App World, and so must be sideloaded. (I just mention this as many people learn about sideloading for Android apps and think the term only applies to them, which it doesn't).
    08-19-12 04:13 PM
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    Yes, they can

    Good e-Reader Android App Store - Playbook Android App Store

    In this site there are explanations about how to install(sideload) them.

    Also, theres this tool

    User’s Guide DDPB – PlayBook Tool

    Which is used by most of us.

    You just to download bar files(google them, the first site above) and use DDPB or the other one to install the apps on the PB.

    Note that most of the googled bar files(future apps) wont work, but most of those in the good-e-reader site do.

    For more info, search "sideload" in these forums.

    And yes, like Sij said, some are already available in App World, but u will only know if there android apps, if u knew they didnt exist as natives ones.

    Hope it helped
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    08-19-12 05:04 PM