05-10-13 11:51 PM
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  1. netplumbers's Avatar
    Any updates on the rumored RIM case with integrated bluetooth keyboard? I've been holding out buying a case hoping this would be released at devcon.
    10-23-11 07:51 PM
  2. RWWackostu's Avatar
    In looking through this thread (Unless I missed it) Is there a great convertible case that's let you use the rapid charger without taking it in and out all the time? Also, is it a PITA to get the PB out of the BB Convertible?
    12-20-11 11:56 AM
  3. anon1459534's Avatar
    In looking through this thread (Unless I missed it) Is there a great convertible case that's let you use the rapid charger without taking it in and out all the time? Also, is it a PITA to get the PB out of the BB Convertible?
    Not terribly difficult once you have done it a few times. It fits loosely enough that, with proper technique, it can be removed in just a few seconds. I do most of my charging with the case open using the magnetic rapid charger, just to avoid having to take it out every evening, although I do own the charging pod also.
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    12-20-11 12:08 PM
  4. mypearl1's Avatar
    got this HDMI cable "Pyle Home PHAD12 HDMI Type A Male To HDMI Type D (Micro) Male" from Amazon. Nice gold plating, 12 ft flexible cable with good protection and the micro HDMI fits very well in the PB port.

    $10 shipped with PRIME

    Pyle Home PHAD12 HDMI Type A Male To HDMI Type D (Micro) Male
    Amazon.com: Pyle Home PHAD12 HDMI Type A Male To HDMI Type D (Micro) Male (12 Feet): Electronics
    01-13-12 03:59 PM
  5. Omahahaha's Avatar
    Whats the favourite case around here? I'm kind of torn between the protection of the Otterbox Defender or the size of the Blackberry Convertible case... how much bulk does the Otterbox really add?
    Quite a bit, but I don't mind because the protection is worth it. Not just because I have 2 young kids, but I know that even though I am not clumsy, it is in the realm of possibility that as careful as I am, I might still drop it.
    01-13-12 05:14 PM
  6. DMonastra's Avatar
    Is a bluetooth keyboard a good investment??? I think i would use it at school but otherwise isnt it just easier to on-screen type?
    01-17-12 10:17 AM
  7. verticallimit12's Avatar
    Got the convertable case heres an unboxing and first look. had it about a week and its very good.[YT]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTTNNrZlYc8[/YT]
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    01-23-12 05:08 PM
  8. alnamvet68's Avatar
    Got the convertable case heres an unboxing and first look. had it about a week and its very good.
    Nice review; too bad you pay so much for accessories; that case is 12.5 GBP in the US at Staples. While I like the Convertible Case, I wish they had made it in leather instead, and that they added a security band as they did with the Journal case to insure the case remains closed, even when it may (gasp) accidentally drop on a concrete floor.

    Thanks for the review.
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    01-23-12 05:27 PM
  9. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I have the OEM leather journal case, I wish the convertible case was leather. I like the functionality of the convertible case, but without a security band and the material its made from, it detered me from purchasing. The silver Blackberry emblem on the journal case also caught my eye
    01-23-12 05:36 PM
  10. cntrydncr223's Avatar
    Golly, I've tried and returned 3 of them so far...
    First I tried the holder thingy (like the inside of the journal, without the case). Comes in soft material (plyable) and the hard shell (again, just like the inside of the journal). Found that with the hard shell (as some reported with the journal) it was impossible to use the volume or power buttons. Both of them were ruled out due to lack of protection to the front of the playbook...

    Next I tried the book like one (can't remember the name, but it doesn't have the strap like the journal). But found I wanted it to stay closed when I wanted it to stay closed.

    #3 was the journal case itself. Returned that today because of the inability to charge without having the case open, PB had to be used upside down (ya, I know, it's a minor thing), and couldn't use the charging pod while in the case.

    #4, which hasn't arrived yet, is the convertible case.

    #5, which also hasn't arrived yet, has stand and keyboard...
    Amazon.com: eWonder(TM) Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (Black): Electronics

    And no, I'm pretty sure I'm not working my way up to the otterbox. That's not for me.

    I also like the charging pod a lot.
    01-23-12 06:29 PM
  11. B_Berry's Avatar
    well, I also posted this message to another PB Accessories thread... so, I'm just going to copy & paste it here:

    I prefer the OEM rapid charger [regular or desktop]. I'd suggests you go check to your local Staples [that's where I bought mine & they were on clearance price for $13.50 for either model, btw I'm in NY]. When I saw they were for only $13.50 each, I figured to just purchased both rapid chargers, the desktop & the regular cable type.

    Case wise for my PB I only bought a decent one, but it turns out to be pretty good case & not too expensive, either [it's similar to Blurex brand & Amazon have been selling the same price for $25 all along].

    I'm also looking for the Capdase Soft Jacket for PlayBook which I think it's quite neat, the case can stay remain for desktop charging & also comes with a tray/cover adapter that also function as a cover to protect the screen & desktop stand with multi-angle view. Unfortunately I can't find any online store in the US that sells the item, I know that in asia region it's pretty easy to purchase it.

    I also purchased the GTMax LCD Screen Protector, again can't beat the price for three screen protector & as with any brand screen protector, sometimes I have to swipe-gesture like twice because of the plastic protective film [I like the original protective screen that came with the PB, but it has the instruction up/down arrows, they should've just left it clear from the factory ].

    Then I've purchased three of micro HDMI/type D to HDMI/type A cable, so I can just leave it one in my car trunk, one in the bedroom next to my TV and one in the living room's TV & they all work just fine, no problem at all.

    Here's a video link about the

    So, I hope with some of the accessories I've listed, purchased & currently using can be of help for anyone looking for PB's essentials add-on.
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    01-24-12 10:11 PM
  12. xKrNMBoYx's Avatar
    I love how the dodocase looks, but I've heard and seen so much bad things about the "rubber stoppers." I don't wan't to mess with one so far. I want a holder to use in the car like a GPS also
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    01-24-12 10:32 PM
  13. artie's Avatar
    I have the Targus convertible and is a little on the thick side but works and feels great.
    01-25-12 01:16 AM
  14. Sesami's Avatar
    I ordered a sleeve and a screen protector for my PB, only to find out the PB comes with a sleeve. Now I realize I actually need a case, so I guess I'm gonna get one of those. Anyone have experience with the Incipio cases? I don't really think I'd use the kick stand that much tbh so that isn't that important to me. I also prefer a sleeker rubbery feel (similar to the actual PB feel) than a thick case, but I do want to protect it from minor blemishes and scratches. It probably still won't survive a drop, will it?

    Also really noob question... are all micro HDMI to HDMI cables universal?? And do the gold plated ones or whatever make that much of a difference? Do you prefer the long or shorter cables?
    01-25-12 02:22 AM
  15. JaimemarieG's Avatar
    I have a couple cases, both of which work perfectly for me.

    I use this one for around the bed or couch:
    Amazon silicone like case

    And this one is for traveling or in the car:
    ebay rotation stand

    I found a smart case one but the auction ended before I could get it.. waiting for them to restock it as they said they would in a couple weeks.
    Ebay smart case

    I also use this screen protector, first one I found that makes me forget its on there. No touch difference or anything.. I have to keep looking to make sure I even put it on:
    Ebay Screen Protector

    I just wish the cases could be used on the dock charger but oh well.
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    01-25-12 03:02 AM
  16. gonzo uk's Avatar
    After waiting for the playbook convertable case to come back into stock I have decided to go for the tuff-luv multi view genuine leather case. It can be charged with the rapid charger while closed, going down the spine of the case. Also when in stand mode its very secure as its locked in place with velcro.

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    01-25-12 04:16 AM
  17. MLE724's Avatar
    I've had my PB since the launch. Purchased a RIM Leather Convertible Case on Amazon for $24.00 back then. Looks good, slim and has held up well, but the flap is bowed and I can't get it to lay flat. (Photo included). Purchased a 2nd from Amazon for even less recently and have it put away. Will probably break it out when OS2.0 is released, lol.

    I purchased the rapid wall charger on Walmart's website recently for $19.99 and although vey bulky, it's charging speed is great.

    What I'm looking for now is a car charger that will charge the PB. Can anyone recommend one? I've tried 3 different ones and had to send them all back.
    02-02-12 01:25 PM
  18. DocDRM's Avatar
    I love the rapid charger, also got it from wal-mart online 19.99. I wish the small cable from the transformer to the magnetic end was longer - I tend to pull it loose unless I remember to put the transformer close by. I will definitely also order a dock ASAP, as my PB has found a home on my desk right between my laptop and my oldschool Franklin Planner - almost has become my second screen for multitasking.

    As far as a case, from a CB thread heads up on a 50% off sale at Incipio, was able to get the leather "Executive" case, I think it was called. I just compared it to BB version today at Office Depot and find it much better leather, although the silver BB logo on the OEM case is slick.

    Next is a mount for my Tahoe, maybe combination of ProClip and Ram Mounts. That's where my PB will shine for me as a road warrior in industrial sales. Will add Otterbox to the mix, too for a tougher "field" case option.
    02-11-12 12:56 AM
  19. balama's Avatar
    I have 2 of the bb desk stand chargers one for work and one for home. wish there was one with an HDMI out so you could hook it up to a TV or Monitor like my Zune HD stand has.
    I have the convertible which is good for daily out and abouts at work and such but I recently switched to the bb pleather envelope case to take the PB to my car where I have an incipio hard case mounted to an igrip vent holder where I pop my PB in so I can have access to it in the car front and center connected to my 4G hotspot modem.

    I purchased a foldable verbatim Bluetooth keyboard for the PB for business travel but recently upgraded to the new BB Bluetooth keyboard case.

    really looking forward to doing my roadshow training presentations off the PB via HDMI and Bluetooth keyboard/mouse something I really wasn't able to accomplish using my ipad.
    I like the way the presentation app works on the PB almost similar to a laptop as far as having a presenter screen on the PB and an audience screen through HDMI.
    DLNA will make it even more spectacular

    I still hate touch screens though as the fingerprint marks are sickening. being a BB user for decades I still don't understand how people put up with the fingerprint and chin marks on their phones and tablets.
    03-21-12 12:19 PM
  20. Jlodon2012's Avatar
    I have :
    1. Convertible case, still consider to cut hole or not for charging and add something to lock the front like journal case.
    2. 3M privacy screen protector horizontal, great cutting, easy installation and bubble free except left 2 mm uncover bezel edge and finger magnetic like clear screen protector.
    3. Rapid charger.
    4. Arrghh wrong buy, micro HDMI to mini HDMI.

    Wish list :
    1. Stylus
    2. Micro HDMI to VGA
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    03-23-12 07:54 AM
  21. Tablet 1996's Avatar
    Just got the convertible case from Amazon. I think it works great. The buttons line up perfectly with the buttons on the playbook, but a fair amount of pressure has to be applied. Would be nice if there would be a magnet to hold it closed though. The flap can also bet into the way. Otherwise it is a great case.
    03-23-12 12:39 PM
  22. rodric's Avatar
    I have the convertible and does a great job, with style. For stand I use a $1.00 plastic photo frame stand, it lifts the Pb fron the surface and gives access to the ports on the bottom.
    Got one at work and other one in my bed stand.
    03-23-12 01:22 PM
  23. alnamvet68's Avatar
    I only felt a need to buy the rapid magnetic travel charger (saves that questionable mini-USB from damage), and the real leather Journal case. I was really interested in buying the now available BB keyboard, but won't due to the choice of cheap poly-vinyl for the case instead of the much preferred, durable, and and infinitely classier real leather. At the current MSRP, real leather should have been a no brainer.
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    03-23-12 02:12 PM
  24. fruitdroid's Avatar
    I don't know if any one has done this or knows about it, is there such thing as a usb converter (usb micro to usb 2.0) ? And if so can you hook up a wired mouse, webcam, mic etc.
    03-27-12 06:58 PM
  25. FF22's Avatar
    I don't know if any one has done this or knows about it, is there such thing as a usb converter (usb micro to usb 2.0) ? And if so can you hook up a wired mouse, webcam, mic etc.
    At this time the usb port does not support any kind of accessory. There are reports that the hardware is capable but it has not been enabled nor is there any hint of when or if it really will be enabled.

    I should add (and came back to do so): Folks in the Rooting subforum have managed to create something or other that may have worked from reports I've read.
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    03-27-12 08:04 PM
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