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    Hey all,

    Ive got a 9800 and playbook combo and i routinely use the calendar+ maps for my side business of hauling peoples stuff with my truck. i make a lot of appointments and have to do a lot of "A to B" type travel to pick things up and drop things off. i was with a co-worker at my day job who also has their own delivery service and they had an HTC (Galaxy?) tablet and i asked them how they liked the calendar app on it. he showed it to me and it looked pretty good, but what i was really blown away by was when they have an appointment made with the location entered, they can click on a button and it will automatically bring up the location on a map, making it much more stream lined compared to copying and pasting it to and from...

    my first question is, is it possible for my playbook or phone to do something like this? via either the native apps or a respectable downloaded one? it was a really handy feature that could make my side business really efficient.

    my second issue is that since having my phone replaced by my service provider, it came with a newer version of the map app, but im finding it has a harder time finding many locations that i search in it. anyone else have this issue or a remedy?
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    01-13-12 07:28 PM
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    01-13-12 08:31 PM
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    BB has better than a map for you. Install BB Traffic and it will do the same thing, only replacing the map with turn-by-turn voice navigation. And it's free!

    The ETA works surprisingly accurate, and it can identify high traffic areas and scheduled construction, traffic incidents, etc. They don't show maps, but really you won't need a map.

    edit: This pretty much leaves your PB out of the equation, but IMO simplicity is usually better. BTW, I used to use ATT Navigator, which gives maps + turn-by-turn voice. BB Traffic works so well I gave it up even though my employer was paying $10/mth for Navigator.
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    01-13-12 08:38 PM
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    As far as your 2nd question, are you using BB Maps or Google Maps? If you'r having trouble with one you may want to install the other and test it out.
    01-13-12 08:42 PM
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    i definitely do not want a turn by turn voice only nav. those work terrible for my line of work. i use both the bb maps and google, and ive found the bb one better at showing point a, b and my location as well as somewhat better suggested routes.
    01-13-12 09:03 PM
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    I have the 9800. If you make an appointment in Calendar, with street address, you can click on the menu button and add the address to BlackBerry Traffic, that will give you directional arrows and voice navigation - this is streamlined.

    You can then input this route into Magellan on the playbook - see you entire route - and get voice navigation from your phone...

    In February the playbook will get native PIM, this functionality will come soon-enough
    01-13-12 09:07 PM
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    For some reason I actually don't have BB Maps on my phone anymore I can't find it in App World.

    But if you have BB Maps, doesn't it show-up when you push the menu key (while in calendar with the cursor on the address) like the option for sending the address to BB Traffic
    01-13-12 09:19 PM
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    Voice direction is useless to me because i am often driving with music or the radio on. so i will not hear the commands issued. having the visual distances and routes shown on a map works much better for my style. and i just checked, as cool as that function is, it does not have an "add to blackberry traffic" type function for maps. hopefully something like this will happen soon!

    i just downloaded the trial of magellan onto my pb and will see how it pans out, but im not sure if it will be as good.
    01-13-12 09:28 PM
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    Magellan is actually very good

    If you find Magellan isn't 'working' restart the pb and try again. Often when you close the app after using it it might 'hang' when you use it again. If it does restart the pb.

    It looks like GPS will be improved with OS2.
    01-13-12 10:06 PM
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    Magellan is actually very good

    If you find Magellan isn't 'working' restart the pb and try again. Often when you close the app after using it it might 'hang' when you use it again. If it does restart the pb.

    It looks like GPS will be improved with OS2.
    Can you elaborate on your comment that GPS will be improved with OS2? Are you talking about improvements to Magellan Compass or are you referring to something else?
    01-13-12 10:15 PM
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    PlayBook GPS will be improved in OS2. I heard this from RIM support (I phoned them) and saw it on some threads in this site.

    If you go to Magellan's website o2 interactive it mentions a new substantial upgrade coming soon and improving GPS functionality
    01-14-12 08:41 AM