1. Gucio84pl's Avatar
    interesting found from my old email. what your think about that? BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB Tablet at CircuitCity.com
    10-21-11 11:41 PM
  2. chiefchie's Avatar
    Box.net is giving away 50gb to every PlayBook owner. You download Box app thru app world then create an account that's it, 50gb for life. It's not a special promo of any stores that sells PlayBook.
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    10-21-11 11:59 PM
  3. Gucio84pl's Avatar
    yea now i know just downloaded and that feels good get 50GB for free.
    10-22-11 12:06 AM
  4. narci's Avatar
    10-22-11 12:15 AM
  5. Jim Beattie's Avatar
    All I get when I try to log in is a message saying "Server Error. This function cannot be performed by this application"
    Anyone got any ideas or is this just another dud app
    11-19-14 05:07 PM
  6. Cracklen's Avatar
    Probable dud app to the potential end user ... but consider how many permissions did the potential end users 'sign-off' on, and the peoples who are the underwriters of the app ... they just gained a lot of personal data they see via the device it was loaded on and any it is linked to . . . . imho

    good luck.

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    11-23-14 11:26 PM
  7. Magnetic_dud's Avatar
    you mean the box.net app doesn't work anymore on the playbook?
    11-26-14 08:25 AM
  8. brookie229's Avatar
    Just checked and my Box works fine on my Playbook, although I rarely use it. I am using an older version of Box ( but it seems to work well. I just uploaded a few pictures and documents no problem.
    11-26-14 09:38 AM