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    Today I picked up my 4th Playbook it's a 16 gig I purchased for $40 that came with a leather A+Case, the case has the cut-out at the bottom for the chargers and HDMI cables.
    The seller sold it "Because it just doesn't have the apps."
    The Playbook is in pristine condition and works flawlessly.
    The Playbook 4 Is Here!-img_20140414_115820.png
    The Playbook 4 Is Here!-img_20140414_115857.png

    I had to get to work so I never inquired if he knew about sideloading or what tablet he might get next.

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    The Playbook 4 Is Here!-img_20140414_140619.jpg
    The Playbook 4 Is Here!-img_20140414_140547.jpg
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    I know a company that "bought in" when the PlayBook was first released. Got them for most of the top level people. Just before BlackBerry FINALLY released email abilities, they had everyone turn them in and issued iPads. Last time I was there they were still on a shelf gathering dust after a year of not being used. Most likely they'll end up being turned in with other obsolete electronics to be recycled. Too bad they don't believe in using EBay to recycle stuff.

    Would be interesting how many PlayBooks are "active" in the world today.
    04-14-14 01:16 PM
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    what are you using them all for OP?
    04-15-14 09:58 AM
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    I have 5 BlackBerry PlayBooks.

    1 tablet strictly for personal use - watching movies, playing games, web browsing

    2 tablets strictly for professional and academic use - watching lecture videos, reading PDFS and e-books, remotely connecting to GNU/Linux servers, various SaaS applications, etc.

    2 tablets in sealed boxes as backup or collectors items like my Commodore VIC-20.

    BlackBerry had an exceptional product but never fully realised it's potential. I wonder whatever happened to the BlackBerry Police Cruiser in which CrackBerry Kevin was escorted off the Research In Motion Waterloo campus. Oh the memories and the dashed dreams.

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