03-04-14 08:38 PM
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  1. irweezyy's Avatar
    If they just took the z30 and stretched it to 10 inch I would buy it no questions asked lol

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    03-02-14 08:58 PM
  2. tangozulu's Avatar
    Sounds like you haven't figured out root and how to properly customize.

    You obviously not been browsing this site on your playbook either.
    No I'm at my lap top but if I was sitting on the couch it would be with the PB and not the droid. I don't think there is anything I could want on my PB other than Skype and rooting won't make that happen either. Expandable memory is a plus with the droid and one reason I will never own an iThing.
    I really doubt we'll see a PB 2, but the current build has definitely had a lot of thinking outside the box built in. Not sure it was as far behind the times as some suggest. The app world was a bit out of their hands.
    03-02-14 10:11 PM
  3. Orange UK's Avatar
    I would not buy another PlayBook, with no BIS what's the point? No world class service online security after BIS gets switched off for BESB10... And that's going be circa in 3 years when last OS7 device is dead.

    Giving up BIS for the telcos is just wrong, no business is ever always there...consumers however are, BB need to stop blaming BIS and consumers for inept management of their business, consumers supported you and you abandoned them for telco satisfaction over the end of line customer base, the consumer.

    No way will I invest my money in any product tied to the death of BIS, I can buy a Android Asus 7" for 80 pounds that will not die with BIS.

    Honestly with BB BIS gone I will be doing security sensitive stuff at home on my pc on my broadband connection, because I will not transmit such over any mobile network who value income over security. BB BIS was income via security for BB not the telco.
    03-04-14 08:38 PM
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