10-12-12 07:19 PM
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  1. jayd97006's Avatar
    I had this happen as well. So far just the once (fingers crossed ). I went through the whole removing and reinstalling and re pairing a couple of times before it would work.
    Today my mini keyboard wouldn't work. I'm hoping it just needs to be charged and isn't symptomatic of a problem with the OS, however it didn't have the red light on.
    For information comparison. - I was running the OS2.0 beta before the update, and have never sideloaded any Android apps. I've never had any previous issues with my bridge.
    I have installed and reinstalled and re-paired multiple times. It always acts the same way now. They pair but they don't connect. On the phone, they show as connecting for a fraction of a second (the blue light even flashes), then they don't. When I go to Bridge, there is no option to add a new tablet regardless of having deleted bridge, reinstalled, rebooted, etc.

    FYI - I never had problems with Bridge before either. Used it a remote on HDMI movies, and as a pseudo-mouse on Playbook.
    10-12-12 12:01 PM
  2. emac402's Avatar
    I was in the same situation as you. All the buttons on my bold 9650 stopped working some I went back to the OG Storm (not the storm 2) and It worked for 4 days then the updates came. I updated bridge and couldnt get it to work. it would do exactly as you described, connect for 1 second then drop. I went through verizon and asurion and they sent me a 9930 bold. I too am holding out for 10. Your best bet if you do have phone insurance is to call them and tell them your phone is broke and you cant make any calls, when you tell them you have the storm they will check and certainly enough they dont make that model so you will have a choice to upgrade, as long as you have insurance you will pay the claim which doesnt change the bill or upgrade, just gets you the new phone.
    10-12-12 07:19 PM
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