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    Research In Motion needs to get some sort of design award for the Calendar on Playbook 2.0. Not only is is super usable, but its very well thought out. The two words I would use to describe it are cutting edge and EPIC.

    I am very impressed.
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    07-13-12 10:14 PM
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    Honestly, we've been using shared calendars for almost ten years here, between macs and PCs, with hosted, open-format .ics files that even Apple will recognize.

    The BB calendar not being able to just subscribe to a plain .ics file (I don't even dream of publishing) is of just no use to me.

    Ah yes, I can duplicate, by hand, my calendars on it.

    Also, this tells a lot about RIM support for standards IMHO.
    (but, we have seen POP mail appearing after a year of two, after all...)

    07-14-12 02:16 AM