05-28-13 04:47 PM
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  1. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    so you saying it is possible sell my pw, bank account, ssn or cc number?
    Is it possible? Sure. Are they doing that? Probably not. However, if they do have that information, there's always a possibility it could get into the wrong hands.

    If you've ever entered your pw, bank account, ssn, or cc number on any service over the internet, there's always a possibility that information could be compromised.

    That's the risk we all take. Some of are just trying to mitigate that risk by avoiding information aggregators like Google.

    But what about your browsing habits? Present and past location? Spending habits? Your voice? Emails? Documents? Search history? Are you fine with Google tracking and selling that?
    05-28-13 04:47 PM
26 12

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