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    On berryview.com this morning: iOS Emulator for the PlayBook Demoed on Video (Brine) - BerryReview

    Hit the link for the video demo; text below.

    When Todd first sent us this video yesterday (via BBin) I had my doubts about its authenticity but it looks like there may be something to it. In the videos the developer, Bubble Wrap, shows off some free iOS apps running on the BlackBerry PlayBook in an emulator of the iOS environment. It is an iOS player that he has been working on for awhile and running on Windows with an emulated ARM core that he simply ported to the PlayBook to remove the need to emulate the ARM core.

    My buddy Shane from BBOS did some digging since he was also originally skeptical and also heard that this might be legit. We may never actually see this released one of the developers of Dingleberry confirmed that the developer behind Brine contacted him last year. Supposedly Bubble Wrap ported the missing libraries between the PlayBook and iOS to make the apps able to run on both platforms. even Chris Wade, another dev from Dingleberry, is working on porting his iOS emulator iEmu to the PlayBook.

    I am not sure what the probability is of this ever hitting public release but it is great to see the developer interest in the platform and the strength of the QNX platform. Check it out in the videos and let us know what you think!
    06-11-12 07:34 AM
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    Was just going to post this. Looks legit...if it is, I'm not sure it will ever get on app world but I do hope it's released for sideloading at some point.

    This alone could change the fortunes of BB10.

    Beyond this, it's great to see this kind of interest about the platform from developers.
    06-11-12 07:55 AM
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    This would be awesome!!!
    06-11-12 08:53 AM
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    It would funny to run Android and ios apps on Playbook. Screw the competition !
    06-11-12 09:15 AM
  5. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    06-11-12 09:18 AM
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    That's really cool.
    06-11-12 09:20 AM
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    06-11-12 09:54 AM
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    Apple lawsuit in 3...2...1...
    06-11-12 10:13 AM