1. crazy canuck's Avatar

    I cannot seem to pinch to zoom in my my bridge email. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

    Pinch to zoom works fine on other apps like the browser but I cannot get it working on bridge email. I prefer to make longer emails easier to read by zooming in. (otherwise I might as well just read them on the bb)

    Please help...
    04-28-11 03:37 PM
  2. Technerd.McLeod's Avatar
    Pretty sure it's just not possible. I seen someone else post this, and after I seen the post I went and tried, and wasn't able to either.
    04-28-11 03:43 PM
  3. elbo's Avatar
    I just noticed this also...a real shame I thought I could avoid having to haul out my 'grandpa' glasses to read emails in public.
    01-12-12 01:10 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    One of my early complaints - it cannot be done. I am not sure if/how OS2 will address this. Maybe the native email viewer rather than the bridge version will allow pinch/zoom.
    01-12-12 03:49 PM