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    Hi everyone.

    I installed a game on my playbook but after I deleted the game there are dozens and dozens of pictures that are left behind. They are not in my albums but they show up when I go in file manager. How do I delete multiple pictures at once on there? I have to scroll all the way down, click delete - answer yes I want to delete and then it goes all the way to the top again. Very time consuming! Anybody got any ideas?
    03-05-13 07:01 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    You might be able to find the folder that they are stored in using Windows' Explorer (mac equivalent) and blow them away that way either connecting to usb or wifi sharing. Or you can download a file manager that allows you to tag multiple files before acting on them. Files & Folders for a price, I think GhostCommander (in appworld, Android app, free)
    03-05-13 08:43 AM
  3. snow_stipple's Avatar
    If they are only showing up in File Manager then there are a couple of things you can do. I think you will still need to delete them one by one, though.

    One way is when you get to File Manager click on the search icon and then on Pictures. This will take you directly to the end of the pictures where the most recent are. After deleting a picture it will go back to the very last part again. You indicated scrolling all the way down to the bottom which suggests all of the pictures are recent and together. If so, then this will be fairly easy.

    If the pictures aren't recent or are all over the place then the best I could suggest is seeing if they all have some file name that is common to each other. Maybe a date, number range, or file extension e.g. if they all are in a number range from ...1,300 - 1,450 you could search for 13 and then for 14. If you search for them that way it'll narrow down the pictures significantly as only files with 13 or 14 in them will appear for looking through.

    btw What game was doing that?
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    03-05-13 08:59 AM
  4. pacoman03's Avatar
    To do a mass delete, first, you must find the folder where these pics reside. To do so, first, open file manager, put it in edit mode (pencil icon) and then choose one of the offending pics. A dialogue will pop up, asking if you want to delete the pic- do NOT choose "delete". Instead, write down the name of the pic, and then hit cancel. Now, install Ghost Commander from app world (other file manager will also do). Open Ghost, from the home screen, swipe down from the top, choose "Application", then "Settings", then "Toolbar Settings", then "Customize the Toolbar". Now scroll down and put a check mark next to "Search". Now go back back back (swipe along the bottom) etc until you get back to the homescreen. Now, tap on "Playbook Media", and then choose "Search" from the bottom toolbar (you may have to scroll the toolbar to the left). Enter the name of the pic that you previously wrote down in the "Search Criteria" box, and the tap OK. Ghost will then search for the pic, and will tell you the location of the pic. Now use Ghost to navigate to the folder where the pic resides. From here, you can multi-select pics in the folder and then delete from the toolbar. Repeat as necessary.
    03-05-13 09:49 AM

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