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    I know there are other threads on this subject. But they are several months old and there is apparently no resolution.
    If you copy pictures to a PB via DM, the sort order of the pictures on the PB gets totally messed up.

    I renamed the pictures 1.jpg, 2.jpg.......##.jpg according to the order I wanted, and copied them over. Pointless, the PB does what it wants and shows the pictures in random order.
    Then I changed all dates (last modified, created, looked at, EXIF etc.) for all pictures to one single date, by use of a photographic tool on the PC and copied again. Pointless, the PB still shows them in a completely random order.

    So I hoped there will be a solution to this bug in OS2 but ther isn't one. Same bull happening again.

    I am kind of stunned over this - how can such a simple but very basic function be overlooked by the developers of a piece of SW, and how can it be totally ignored at the release of a completely overhauled version?

    An unbelievably silly bug, that makes viewing pictures on a PB a rather useless experience.

    P.S. I am not going to try to copy images one by one, or put them in different folders or such. This is ridiculous.
    03-01-12 02:11 PM
  2. yppat's Avatar
    It's weird no one posted a reply. I am having the same issue. They go in a random order
    08-24-12 05:40 PM
  3. pacoman03's Avatar
    As far as the Pictures app is concerned, if you organize your pics into different sub-folders, your Pictures app will see the folders, and finding a particular pic becomes much easier.
    08-24-12 06:43 PM
  4. snow_stipple's Avatar
    Hope the following is useful,

    Go into Pictures in your File Manager. Select the picture and take a screen shot. Repeat taking a screen shot with each picture you want to have, in the order you want them in. Then go to your Camera Pictures in your Pictures Tab. The pictures you took screen shots of will be in (reverse) order. Newest to oldest screen shot taken. Go to the oldest and click back from there to see them in the viewing order you wanted. You could also again take screen shots of the viewing order you just created to get the viewing order left to right, or to add or delete to what you originally created.

    Playbook treats screen shots like new pictures so any name you gave the original picture(s) is not given to the new one(s). Just a new IMG_00000xxx.jpg number is used which is based on sequence taken.

    You'll have duplicate photos. This may be something that could cause problems down the road with slideshow pictures retrieval as they could be pictures sequence numbers 520-535 of 900 on the Playbook. Maybe first taking a picture of a Title you hand wrote would help when visually searching for them.

    Couple of things:

    Mentioned this in another thread but when you want to go to your most recent pictures/screen shots in File Manager going into search and entering a period (.) will take you to the last ones and scrolling up from there will go all the way to the first.

    Also, entering a comma (,) then clearing it will take you back to the top (well, unless you've saved files with names that included a comma, I guess).
    08-26-12 08:49 PM
  5. varunsain's Avatar
    It's not really a bug but just a matter or Sort order priority.. Obviously in the case of the PB it's complicated..

    First of all it doesn't read folder within folder.. So try keeping the order to Photos folder (on PB) > Your folder > pictures here.. You can make as many folders within the picture folder..

    On you PB > Pictures app.. Sort order is > Camera Pictures - always first, followed by All Pictures and then Downloads.. This order does not change.. Then all user folders sorted alphabetically.

    Within the Camera, All Pictures and Downloads folders, it's always date order wise.. Descending..

    Personal folders > The pictures are organized by name.. No other criteria used here.. however, the name are read in a different way on the PlayBook.. Maybe because it's C++ and/or HTML app it's more mathematical rather than being user friendly..

    Like.. Filename "0 0.jpg" gains order over file "00.jpg" and "0.jpg" gains order over "00.jpg"

    Well I'm so confused myslef that I can't break it down further..

    Anyways.. Simply put..

    4 files - 00.jpg, 0 0.jpg, 0 1.jpg & 0.jpg

    Windows sort order by name (ascending) = 00, 0 0, 0 1, 0
    PlayBook sort order by name (ascending) = 0 0, 0 1, 0, 00

    So in short, what I understand.. 0 is not the lowest for PlayBook but infact 0(space).jpg is the lowest..

    Second case - if file names are same.. then file extension is used to sort alphabetically.

    It's more so mathematically.. maybe someone in here can simplify this..
    08-27-12 02:36 AM
  6. DC506's Avatar
    This is my fix:

    Using Air Browser (file management app)

    1. Rename my photos. Note files will be sorted alphabetically and it's case sensitive.
    2. Once this is done, I "cut" them from my Camera folder.
    3. Then "paste" them into my Photos folder.
    4. Done

    Now when you open your Pictures app, there will be a separate album with your newly renamed pictures.

    Keep in mind, I do all of this in AIR BROWSER (file app). I hope this helps.
    08-27-12 08:59 AM
  7. cat_walker's Avatar
    If you are using Desktop Manager, display the files in list mode. Then click on Name to order the images in alphabetical order. I use a number at the beginning of the file name. I had some I inserted after where I used things like 000A and so on, and these ordered as expected, same as Windows file list.

    Beats renaming all the photos as suggested below.
    11-09-12 03:50 PM