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    Ok so have some photo editing apps that i really like on the playbook..so i downloaded the bluebox app so that i could pull a bunch of photos off my dropbox account and use them within the apps

    Only problem is the apps dont see the photos i have download from bluebox because they dont show up the native photo gallery...i can find the photos on the playbooks memory using the native file manager..

    I have tried different cloud service to access the photos and download them to use with in the app but all the same result

    If i email the photos to myself and download them it works just fine but that in the you know what

    Please help
    06-06-12 12:45 AM
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    Did you check your download file in your picture folder? Most photos I download go there, then I move them.
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    06-06-12 01:08 AM
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    @rotor ya i found a file managing app and found bluebox creates its own folder...most pictures i either download from internet or facebook show up in the native photo gallery in a downloaded album..but bluebox doesn't i have to move the bluebox folder each time to move the photos...just inconvenient..might just be something i have to live with for now
    06-06-12 01:22 AM
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    OK, sorry, I haven't run into that one. Good luck. I'm sure someone here will be able to help.
    06-06-12 01:34 AM
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    Why not take the free trial of Files & Folders for a spin? It supports Dropbox (plus Box, Google Drive, Google Docs, SugarSync), allows you to download (paste) to any folder, shows thumbnails and has a built-in image viewer & slideshow feature. And all these functions work in the cloud too.
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    06-06-12 04:52 AM
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    Yeah + 1 on files and folders, BlueBox is a very good app and its free wich is good, but it downloads everything in the documents folder so is kinda useless without a file manager app, you could try Air Browser wich is also free and quite good, but why use two apps when you can use Files And Folders for the same task?, and have you tried to uplaod a picture album in BlueBox? believe me is not pretty, with Files And Folders is as easy as multiple selection - Copy - Paste - Done!
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    06-06-12 10:41 AM
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    Which photo apps do you use and which do you like. I tried a new one last evening - Android, PhotoStudio but I could not get it to save my image. I was thinking of going for the paid version of Picshop.

    But other suggestions would be appreciated.
    06-06-12 02:12 PM
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    I like Touch up Pro as well as Instaphoto.

    I agree about "Files & Folders"... works way better for what the op is trying to do.
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    06-06-12 02:58 PM
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    Files and folders is awesome! Thanks for the help guys

    Gee-cards and scrapbook...just messing around with them
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    06-07-12 01:26 AM